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  1. jes

    Highest download/upload speed test results in South Africa

    Highest download/upload speed test results in South Africa Latest Ookla and MyBroadband speed test results reveal the highest download and upload speeds in South Africa
  2. T

    Afrihost speed test

    I have currently a Downstream / Upstream (Kbps) of 4096/512 My last results was Download Speed: 1065 kbps (133.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 118 kbps (14.8 KB/sec transfer rate) 03 February 2010 19:25 Afrihost says they do not throttle but this looks very slow?
  3. W

    Mac e220 speed nightmare

    Could somebody help here.... I achieve speeds of 0.1 mbps to 0.2 mbps using my mac and huawei e220, but if I switch the card to a nokia n95 phone, and connect via bluetooth, I achieve 1.6 mbps?????? Same room in my house, same card, same MTN. I can only get EDGE on my e220 while the phone gets...
  4. S

    Giganews/SAIX/IS/Speed Test

    ok..so i have no clue how to approach this, since it involves possibly far to much brain power on a saturday morning LOL... anyway, i have 2 2/28GB IS accounts, one SAIX prepaid. i utilise the first few gigs of the IS accounts to download internationally from giganews, coz the local...