1. D

    Clearwater mall Cellc staff lied to make a sale, haven't return refund 4 weeks later.

    Cell C at Clearwater mall are a bunch of thieves and liars and the managers knows about my issue regarding my money not being returned to me from samsung galaxy a50 blue that I wanted to buy which I had to return the same time I bought it because the sales assistant was a liar and wanted to make...
  2. M

    Man's car stolen while he's asleep in back seat

  3. D

    Afrihost/MTN Refusing to blacklist stolen device

    My iPad Air 2 Wifi & Data was stolen in the first week of December last year. I have been trying to have it blacklisted for two months but Afrihost has constantly made excuses for not doing it. Now Afrihost has stopped responding to my emails altogether (for the last week). In the last two...
  4. Z

    Major issue with Aramex shipping and stolen packages

    Since some messages have been removed and the original message cannot be viewed anymore, I have searched in google cache to find the originally typed message and it is below. Good day All, Please note that Aramex is having major issues for the past 2 months with phones being stolen on their...
  5. B

    Money taken and data not supplied

    On the 21st of February i did an eft for 10gb of data which till this day 17/3/2017 i have not received. After countless calls to 10210 and speaking to the people there, getting case numbers (which Telkom closed without resolution) i have still not got my data. I have supplied PoP stamped by the...
  6. skimread

    Documentary - A film student let a thief steal his smartphone with spyware loaded
  7. E

    Get phone number from IMSI Number

    Yesterday morning i had my Samsung Galaxy S4 Snatched out of my hands while waiting outside of home affairs in Pinetown. We have done the normal procedures by reporting it to the police, have blacklisted the phone via the IMEI number. We also had Avast software saved on the phone. The...
  8. T

    My Tshwane Garbage bin was stolen yesterday

    So Like every Thursday we put our Garbage bin outside for the Municipality to come an collect my garbage. When I got home the afternoon my bin was gone. Luckily I have footage of what happened and got a case number. What will the easiest be to get a new one? (*Sorry for the orientation of the...
  9. M

    Buying 'demo model' laptops off classified ad sites

    Hi. So my new laptop was stolen last week. I was on my way to buy a new one today, but then a friend sent me a link to a listing on Gumtree. The listing advertised a Dell Ultrabook that normally sells for 25k at just R8000. I spoke to the seller. Asked him how I can be assured...
  10. LazyLion

    Steam Account Hijacked

    My son's steam account has been hijacked. At 5 pm on Sunday Evening he got an e-mail to say that his password and contact e-mail had been changed. He immediately tried to log on to steam, but he was locked out and it told him "incorrect password". His password was an average on consisting of six...
  11. T

    Why doesn't Apple make their products hard to steal?

    I was burgled two weeks ago. Thieves climbed into my first-floor window while I was sleeping, came down into my study and stole my Apple Macbook and iPad and a Sony Cybershot camera. They had lifted my Kindle from my bedside table before leaving the room but abandoned it downstairs presumably...
  12. S

    iPhone Just Stolen - Phone is off

    My wife's iPhone was just stolen from her office at work. :mad: The phone is already off and can't get a location using "find my phone" app. Fortunately the phone is insured but that doesn't take away from the fact that someone was callous enough to steal! Any guidance or idea's on what...
  13. M

    Detroit Police give up on car theft, ban street parking to curb break-ins

    Full story At least we're not alone in thinking our country is fcked up :p
  14. T

    MTN-Over priced and now steals air time

    i have been on the phone from roughly 4pm today to figure out what has happened to my air time loaded on to my any time top up account with MTN I made a purchase of 50 rand worth of airtime and made 2 phone calls, no more than 2 min in total (12 seconds and 1min and 32 seconds) but somehow...
  15. F

    What is the point of blacklisting a stolen cellphone?

    Hey Guys A friend of mine had his Blackberry stolen about a month ago. He phoned MTN to have tell them it was stolen, but they referred him to his closest Nashua Mobile branch. The police told him he cannot open a case before he has an ITC number and MTN told him only Nashua Mobile can give it...
  16. G

    iPhone 3GS Stolen and how Mobile Me helped

    Friday 19th August between 8:45-9:30AM my phone goes missing from where my company was having a conference I inform the hotel manager and my companies HR about what happened. Not knowing if I had mobileme enabled, I try to locate but the phone is switched-off which normally means its a...
  17. stroebs

    [Possibly] Stolen Billion Wireless-G router

    I was working the late shift tonight and a guy came in and told me about his sob story and tried to sell me a Billion BIPAC 7300G Wireless-G Router for [an unspecified amount]. How would I know if it is stolen or not? (I believe it is... No power adapter, no box etc. Just router and antenna)
  18. NeonNinja

    DSTV Smart Card Stolen

    There are lots of teen friends that come in and out of my house to play XBox, PS3, etc. One of my friends I don't kno who took out our premium smart card and replaced it with another one all numbers are erased making it unidentifyable. Is there a way for Multichoice to track where the smart card...