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  1. P

    AppleTV 4th gen 64GB - R2500

    Item: AppleTV 4th Gen 64GB Age: 1 Year Warranty: Not sure what the period is. Packaging: yes, original box Condition: Excellent.. as new Location: Gauteng / Kempton Park Reason: Switched to android tv Shipping: if you take responsibility Collection: Yes Price: R2500...
  2. B

    Can Android TV box replace my PC?

    I stream TV programmes using a laptop connected to my non-smart TV (Although the TV does have HDMI inputs) via the Chrome browser. Do these Android TV boxes support Chrome or are you restricted to the installed software? Are they all pretty much the same or is there a stand out make? Help...
  3. G


    So I refuse to pay DSTV the ridiculous prices that they charge to access their full service channels. Fine. But I do want to be able to watch rugby, F1 etc. I currently get my tv series fix from Netflix and am happy to live with the options that they offer. But what to do about sport...
  4. J

    Where to watch Premier League online to avoid expensive DSTV

    Hi guys, Just trying to figure out the best option to watch the Premier League online within forking out DSTV Premium fees or Now TV expensive sports fees? Any ideas?
  5. S

    Showmax and MTN VU

    I recently tried to sign up to Showmax and there are currently 3 payment options available. Paypal, Credit Card and Vouchers. I tried to sign up with the 7 day free trial. You need to set up your payment method first. Fair enough. I don't have a credit card, Paypal wouldn't accept my...
  6. Z

    Fire Tv + Netflix + Internet Question

    Hi everyone, I am interested in getting the Fire TV. First Question, which one? or I don't have a 4K TV, but maybe for the future? Now my main question is to...
  7. P

    How to stream digital terrestrial TV to other devices

    I've got a media server running on Linux and am busy with a project to watch and record free-to-air TV (SABC1-3, on it. I'm most likely going to use MythTV as backend PVR software to record TV using Linux compatible USB DVB-T2 TV Tuner stick (Geniatech T230a or PCTV 292e). I'll...
  8. Tim_vb

    WD TV live [S]

    ~1.5 years old, perfect working condition, in box with manual, SA power adapter, remote. Plays almost all video formats, 1080p, streams netflix, hulu, youtube etc 1.2" x 3.9" x 4.9" 0.42 lb Gigabit Ethernet WiFi (802.11n) Dual USB 2.0 ports HDMI out Optical out Remote Control PAL Model...
  9. J

    Best SA ISP for streaming internet TV eg. Netflix?

    Is there an ISP in SA offering a consumer level internet package which will run streaming TV smoothly? I'm currently with Afrihost 4Mb uncapped on a 4Mb line ( tells me my line can get about 2.5Mb/s), which I was led to believe would be ample for streaming TV such as Netflix...
  10. T

    Offical Anime Debate!!

  11. Y

    XBMC Working Free Streams

    Hi All I would like to see how many free streaming channels are available on XBMC. At the moment I have gotten the BBC channels to work perfectly. I'll make a how to if anyone is interested. Regards ]^[YuMmY]^[
  12. S

    XBMC and tvcatchup

    Just wanted to find out if anyone has tvcatchup working in XBMC from SA? I've tried unblock us as i have heard reports that it is working, but it's not for me (tbcatchup is in their unsupported list). Any advice of guides anyone could point me to would be awesome :) thanks
  13. Z

    D-Link wireless streaming

    Hi I'd like to setup a media streaming server on my home network.The router I have is a D-Link DSL-2640U.I have an Xbox 360s console (built in wireless) and want to stream media from my PC to the Xbox 360s so I can view it on my TV.Does anyone know if this is possible via wireless or do I...
  14. S

    Can you stream TV signal via VLC?

    Hi I have a PC with TV card connected into my home network. How can I stream the signal from the TV card to other devices in my home e.g. iPhone. My home network is on wifi. I have read that it is possible to do such using VLC - has anybody got any experience with this ?
  15. xrapidx

    Streaming TV bandwidth usage?

    I'm putting this under MTN cause I'm with MTN. I have a little app that streams live TV to my cellphone over 3G. I was wondering if anyone knows how much bandwidth this app uses? Currently have the following channels on my E90 - Fashion TV - CNN - Sky News - Bloomberg - Sailing