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    Microsoft developing seven-inch Surface tablet: report

    Microsoft developing seven-inch Surface tablet: report Microsoft is developing a new lineup of Surface tablets, including a 7-inch version expected to go into mass production later this year
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    Devices that will work with Microsoft Surface

    Microsoft Surface compatibility list for devices Microsoft lists the devices which the Windows RT Surface tablet will easily pair with
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    Surface tablet gets initial buzz and buyer feedback

    Surface tablet has a “steeper learning curve” Buzz surrounding the Surface tablet begins, although the excitement surrounding Windows 8 subsides
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    Focus shifts to Windows 8 and Surface tablet

    All eyes on Windows 8, Surface tablet Analysts look to Microsoft’s upcoming products as the tech company prepares to enter the hardware market with the Surface tablet, and the long-awaited release of Windows 8
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    Microsoft Surface pricing

    Microsoft Surface pricing Microsoft has unveiled the pricing of its Surface tablets, which will compete head-on with Apple’s iPad range
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    Microsoft could enter the smartphone market in 2013

    Microsoft Surface Phone may happen Microsoft is rumoured to be introducing a phone offering after its tablet debut
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    Acer thinks Microsoft tablet will be bad for computing ecosystem

    Acer: Microsoft should “think twice” about Surface Acer suggests that Microsoft entering the tablet market will be bad for the computing ecosystem
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    Gates assures PC manafactures that they shouldnt worry about Surface

    Bill Gates says PC partners shouldn’t worry about Surface Microsoft’s new Surface tablet won’t detract from OEM support