1. Activelion

    Please help me out with my study

    Hi Guys! I am doing a study on working conditions and organisational commitment amongst South African workers. Please can you help me out by filling the following questionnaire It will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous. Thank you!
  2. Ultracrepidarian

    Connected Cars & Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Survey [2-minute]

    There has been a lot of mention that this decade is when self-driving vehicles and connected cars will become mainstream. This survey is just an indication to see whether or not the public is excited for what is currently being developed. May you please leave your thoughts and opinions in the...
  3. S

    MyBroadband survey error

    I get the following error after completing the MyBroadband DSTV / Netflix survey on an iPhone 7: Bad Request The CSRF token could not be verified. The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. Please do not repeat the request without modifications. If you...
  4. F

    ladies, please complete my survey :)

    Hi there I work in retail and need to do some research about what lifestyle shoes ladies like to wear. Kindly complete my survey, it takes 2 minutes! Thanks a million
  5. Newsfeed

    Best mobile broadband provider in South Africa

    Best mobile broadband provider in South Africa MyBroadband’s latest broadband survey results show that Telkom was rated as the best mobile broadband provider in South Africa.
  6. Newsfeed

    MyBroadband 2017 Cryptocurrency Survey - Winners

    I am glad to announce the winners of the MyBroadband 2017 Cryptocurrency Survey draw. R3,000 cash prize - Archer Branded gear and 10,000mAh Romoss Powerbank - Weasley Winners: Please PM your name, email address, courier address (for gear prize) and mobile number to Elouise and Wanita.
  7. Newsfeed

    2017 Piracy and Streaming Survey - Winners

    Thank you to all who took part in the 2017 Piracy and Streaming Survey, we really appreciate your feedback. We are happy to announce the forum members who won prizes for taking part in the survey and submitting "Done" in the survey thread. The winners are: chunk10 - Toshiba USB 3.0 1TB...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    IT jobs with the happiest workers in South Africa

    IT jobs with the happiest workers in South Africa MyBroadband’s latest lifestyle survey shows that communications professionals, programmers, and managers are the happiest in their jobs.
  9. W

    5 min survey: Do South African programmers prefer flexi-time & work-from-home?

    Hi guys I am part-time busy with an MBA degree, and as part of my final research, I am investigating South African software developers' perception of flexi-time and work-from-home practices. Would you mind quickly completing a 5-minute survey to help me out? If ok here is the survey...
  10. D

    Q3 2017 Developer Economics Survey

    For those interested, the latest Developer Economics survey is now open. It's completed by developers across the globe and the results give great insight into how you compare to your peers locally, and abroad. They put a lot of effort into the survey's to try and make them as fun and...
  11. G

    Unisa Research: Software Defects Survey

  12. G

    Are you more sensitive to pain on your dominant side?

    My sister is testing whether you are more sensitive to pain on your dominant side (like on Mythbusters for redheads). She is struggling to get test subjects (LOL). All you need to do is hold 2 ice-cubes in your fist & time it for each hand. Then fill in this survey.
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Top computing brands among SA techies

    Top computing brands among South African techies The latest MyBroadband Technology Survey reveals the favourite computer, monitor, CPU, printer, and hard drive brands of South African IT professionals and techies.
  14. N

    Psychology Masters Survey

    Hi All. I am currently studying my Masters in Psychology through the University of Liverpool and am looking for participants for my online survey. I need people living in South African who are over the age of 18 years old. Please spare 10-15 minutes to participate in an online Masters Research...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    South African techies’ favourite beer and fast food

    SA techies’ favourite beer and fast food South Africa’s IT professionals and techies reveal their favourite beer and fast food brands in a new lifestyle survey
  16. Scooby_Doo

    Help with Tech Wearables - Research

    Hi all, I am helping out a mate of mine, he would have posted this himself but he thinks the post will be more legitimate if a regular post it. Please help him out if you have 5 min to spare, see below for a summary of his research. Thanks!
  17. T

    Does Cell Tower radiation pose a risk to our health?

    Hi All My son (Gr7) is doing a school science project and has decided on doing a project on Cell Tower Radiation and Related health risks. Quite a contentious issue currently. Could you please help by doing a quick survey (7 questions). I will make the stats...
  18. QuintonB

    Twitter proves popular for news: survey

    Twitter a popular site for news: survey About half of all adult Twitter users in the United States said they get news through the social media platform, mainly on mobile devices, according to a new survey.
  19. LazyLion

    Government Corruption Getting Worse: Survey

    Most young South Africans believe corruption in government is getting worse, a survey revealed on Wednesday. Sixty-nine percent of the youth surveyed believed there was currently more corruption in government than a year ago, consumer insights company Pondering Panda said. They also...
  20. J

    In-depth Twitter stats show insight

    Twitter study gives insight into user habits A new study titled “An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World” takes an in-depth look at users