1. J

    Teens grab smartphones first

    Teens are the first to grab smartphones Teenagers in the US are the first adopters of smartphones, a new study has shown.
  2. QuintonB

    Should DStv's Dish stay or should it go? You decide!

    DStv Dish mag schedule: should it stay or should it go? MultiChoice asks subscribers whether the printed programme guide should remain in its Dish magazine
  3. B

    South African Survey Sites

    Hi All, Its been a while since my last post but hey I’m back :) I wanted to know if the illusion of making money via online surveys has any truth to it here in South Africa? Have any of you tried a local version of this and been paid ? If so tell us more ! JM
  4. J

    PLEASE! Survey about mobile marketing in SA and France

    Hello everyone ! :) Student in International Business Management Master degree at the ISC school of management in Paris, France, I am currently conducting a thesis on mobile marketing in France and South Africa. The goal of this research is to establish a comparison between the both countries...
  5. jes

    SA drivers need to break free of traffic, says TomTom

    SA drivers need to break free of traffic, says TomTom Research commissioned by TomTom reveals interesting results about South African drivers and the traffic they get stuck in Below: TomTom's 'Break Free of Traffic' campaign featuring John Cleese.
  6. jes

    Are you satisfied with your job?

    Are you satisfied with your job? Recent IT Skills and Salary Report reveals which factors most influence job satisfaction
  7. jes

    Beware of Facebook survey scammers sending bogus event requests

    Beware of Facebook survey scammers sending bogus event requests Facebook scammers invite millions to bogus event
  8. Rouxenator

    JD Power agrees with Rouxenator on cars (told you so!)

    Many times I am ridiculed and called a troll because I recommend cars other than what the mainstream thinks is good. I am very fond of Eastern cars - in particular Korean option and I have a pet hate for anything VAG. When I bought a Opel Corsa last year I compared it the VW Polo and found that...
  9. jes

    PC, Mobile phone sales to drop according to survey results

    PC, Mobile phone sales to drop according to survey results Sales of personal computers and mobile phones are expected to decline worldwide this year, according to a survey.
  10. jes

    ADSL survey website - - launches, measures SA ISPs

    ADSL survey website - - launches, measures SA ISPs has launched - a website aiming to create an up-to-date list of South Africa’s Fastest ADSL service providers
  11. W

    IT Web Survey for ITC skills in SA, Win Nikon Coolpix Camera! close on 16 Jul

    Hi Everyone, I just saw this survey on IT Web, they are doing a survey on the ITC (Information Technology and Communication) skills. I think it would be interesting to see the results. Because I believe that our developers don't get our skill in a classroom, and neither have time to sit in...
  12. G

    ADSL Uncapped ISP Survey & Results !

    I created this online survey to assist myself and others in selecting the best ISP. Your responses would be greatly appreciated ! I currently have various ADSL lines for home and business use through Telkom (4096kLine) and Webafrica (Data 3G), however I top up about 6-10 times a month, hence...
  13. S

    Survey: Feedback on Uncapped Internet (Please fill in!)

    ***SURVEY IS CLOSED*** Summary For the automated summary (generated by Google Docs) you can click on the link in the section below. The summary posted here was created based on those results. Survey Statistics The survey ran from 29 March (~ 17h00) to 5 April (~11h00); During that...
  14. MogenNaidoo

    Broadband Survey - Win R1000 OR an ADSL Wireless Modem

    [I know I've posted this before but for those who are new there are only 2 months left before the competition ends] To win simply answer this broadband survey and add your email address at the end of the survey to be entered into the competition. Participants will be entered into a random...
  15. Scooby_Doo

    Computer Crime and Security in South Africa Survey

    Hey all, I am doing my 4th year Information systems Honours empirical research project at UCT and need to get my survey filled in by some companies. Heres the long and hard of it on the opening page of the survey. --------------------------------------------------------------------------...