1. Zenbaas

    Suzuki SX4 AWD

    So I've been looking for a car for quite a while now trying to consider what would be best for my needs (which are actually too many for one car to pull off successfully ) until I decided to take a look at what Suzuki offered and I came across this little car. I wanted to go for a test drive...
  2. Rouxenator

    Allegra to replace Agila (another Opel we won't get in SA)

    Since the joint venture between Opel and Suzuki came to an end there has been a few concepts on how to replace the sub Corsa level Agila (Suzuki Splash). The new name will be the Allegra and it is set to be built on the same platform as the new GM Spark. On the style front it is still unclear...
  3. LCBXX

    Adventure Touring/Touring Bike

    I want to get into motorcycle riding, specifically long distance touring where I can take the wife with for a weekend or so. Using the bike on a regular daily basis are also part of the idea. Are there any serious bikers here who also enjoy touring/adventure riding that can give some pointers...