1. B

    Will I be taxed more if my employer pays for my MBA?

    If my employer is willing to pay for my MBA will I be taxed on it? And will it be at the same rate is if they increased my salary by the same amount? For example if I make 40k + 10k paid towards my MBA fees is that better than being paid 50k?
  2. Hanno Labuschagne

    This is how you can get your tax clearance certificate online

    This is how you can get your tax clearance certificate online If you are emigrating, investing large sums offshore, bidding on a tender, or simply need to prove your good standing with the taxman, you will need to use the Tax Compliance Status service on the eFiling portal of the South African...
  3. M

    SARS E-Filing 2020/21

    It's that time of the year again. Any tips? What is it that I hear that I need a new browser to complete my E-filing? Is this true? Filing Season 2021 for Individuals Individual income tax return filing dates 1 July to 23 November 2021: Taxpayers who file online Taxpayers who cannot file...
  4. MielieBom

    Working for SA company but living abroad

    Hi all My family and I are moving to Sweden within the next year. I am very eager to keep my job in South Africa which is 100% done remotely. I would like to find out if it would be possible from a tax perspective to do this. There is a dta in place with Sweden. Any advice would be welcome!
  5. M

    Are aligners tax deductible?

    Hi Guys, I recently went to the orthodontist to get aligners which medical aid does not cover. Any idea if I can claim from tax for any of the following dental procedures? Fillings Wisdom removal Aligners procedure
  6. N

    Crypto Tax Software

    What is the common software/service everyone is using to calculate your tax on crypto for SARS? Most of them sent to either be BS, very expensive (Per trade cost) or not geared to South Africa or just plainly wrong.
  7. P

    When to start filing for Provisional Tax (Sole Prop)

    I am currently employed and receive a monthly salary, but would like to start a side-business as a sole proprietor (selling products online). I have researched all the ins and outs of filing provisional tax and annual tax returns and blah blah blah...BUT my issue is this: When do I actually...
  8. C

    International tax consultant recommendation

    Before the pawpaw hits the fan or I'm missing something that will cause unnecessary fights with SARS, I need someone to give me step wise on what to do with my tax in South Africa and in the Netherlands in the coming year. I stopped googling info and speaking to people, as there is way too much...
  9. D

    Private Grant Funding Taxable?

    Hi I am a university student with a small business that recently received grant funding (+R100 000) from my bursar (a private company) following good performance in a pitching competition hosted by the said bursar and their partners. The grant does not require me to part ways with equity or...
  10. S

    Receiving Foreign currency and donations tax

    Hi, I'm going to receive money from overseas as a gift. I know that the recipient has to declare it on their tax return as a donation. Thing is I'm unemployed and do not submit a tax return. So is there another way of declaring it?
  11. I

    Another Crypto Tax Thread

    Ooookay so just a quick question if anyone could assist, I submitted my IRP6 for period 1 this season and included all my crypto tax gains which I cashed out and just added them in with my normal income (I'm a freelancer), but I'm wondering if I didn't make a mistake doing so? I was wondering if...
  12. RedViking

    Foreign Business TAX

    If said company is established in another country but does not operate in South Africa and I am for example 35% shareholder in the company. What steps do I need to take to be TAX complaint? Do I only declared dividends/income paid out to me?
  13. seneca_the_younger

    Please help: Tax for an independent contractor

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope that you are doing ok under the circumstances. Could someone please help me out, I'm trying to work out what I can or cannot write-off for tax purposes, specifically the use of my car. Here are the details: I work three days a week for a company I commute the...
  14. Stonemason

    Will our system of social grants survive the effect of this virus?

    If South Africa stays in lockdown for two or three months, tax revenue for the year can drop by as much as 30 percent, with ripple effects over the next financial years. Social grants consume more than 10 % of government tax income and has to compete with health, education and spending on the...
  15. A

    Importing Photography Equipment Into South Africa

    Good Afternoon! I have been looking online for some deals on a Nikon D3500. I found one or two good ones on and I was wondering if there are any import duties or customs taxes associated with that. The product i'm interested in does ship here. I have ordered electronics via Amazon...
  16. W

    Tax SOS

    Hi Guys and Girls,this is my first post on MBB and I would like say that for many years now,this fourm was the place to find the answers and opinions your looking for,with any topic. Thank you all for that. My reason for starting this thread is that I am in looking for information as a small...
  17. C

    SARS - The 183-day / 60 Continuous Day Test

    Hi Just a quick question. I've googled this question numerous times without success. I know there are a lot of factors involved, but can someone just clarify the following for me please? As a simplified example - say a person was continuously working outside of SA for 7 months (±210 days)...
  18. bluebirdy

    Residence Based Tax

    Hey guys, I'm trying my best to understand the qualifications for paying tax if not living in the country for a considerable part of the year. I was under the impression that the rule was quite straightforward unfortunately I've come across a few things that have confused me on SARS website -...
  19. ToniO

    SARS debt - use a negotiator or not?

    Hi all A friend of mine's tax advisors have referred her to a 3rd party SARS negotiator to work out terms. He will take 10% of whatever he saves her. Does anyone have any advice or can you share your experience of dealing with SARS, either on your own or with a negotiator?
  20. B

    Nil Income Tax IRP6

    Hi, Do you have to submit a IRP6 if you have nil returns, or is submitting a nil ITR12 to SARS sufficient?