technical problems

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    Afrihost - Complaint

    I am so over Afrihost and I am busy convincing my husband to move over to a different ISP. Clearly business are still good for Afrihost to not care about existing customers. We are paying for a 40 MBPS line and are getting 0.02 MBPS Download and 47.8 Upload this is extremely slow. We have...
  2. K

    Afrihost - complaint email to Gian Visser

    Good day Gian, It is with sadness that I write this email, which will also be posted online. We have been customers with Afrihost for the better part of two years now. We have 2 registered domains, a DSL capped date plan, and Rain account. When moving from our previous service provide to...
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    Proline LED TV 916-42 FHD 100

    Hi, Does anyone have advice regarding a Proline LED TV 916-42 FHD 100 which display does not switch on. When the TV is switched on it has a blue flashing light which usually stops flashing after a few seconds. However, the light just continues to flash now and the display does not come on as...
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    Useless CellC

    I've had problems with my phone (Samsung S3) or the cellc network since the day I got it in March. It would suddenly out of nowhere decide that it had no service and stay that way for a couple of minutes to a couple of hours. The problem would then go away for +- a month and happen again. I...