telkom cancellations

  1. NdumisoSizwe

    How do i stop paying Telkom ?

    I cannot take it anymore, it's been two months of back and forth trying to cancel a contract with these people. Any advice on how to get rid of them forever ? At this point i don't even give a f**k about being black listed. I can't have people take my money every month for a service that's not...
  2. R

    Existing Telkom fibre contract and changing address

    We have a 24 month fibre contract with Telkom in our gated community and are in the process of moving to another address. The new address has their own fibre ISP. What are my options in this case? Should I negotiate with the new buyer of my home to take over the existing Telkom contract? Can the...
  3. D

    Cannot Get Telkom Line Cancelled, Need Help!

    Hi all I am looking for anyone who can provide me with Telkom Legal Department contact info or someone within Telkom who can actually finalise my cancellation. I am literally at my end and am fully prepared to go through the expense of sending a lawyers letter. I registered a cancellation...
  4. R

    Telkom Dreadful Service Levels

    Perhaps anyone in this forum can point me in the right direction? I am very Frustrated with Telkom’s poor service levels! I went into the Menlyn store on the 15th of November 2017 to upgrade a 50Gb LTE (month to month) contract to 100Gb (month to month) The consultant was not properly...