1. Jamie McKane

    Limpopo official fired over R585-million broadband tender

    Limpopo official fired over R585-million broadband tender Limpopo provincial government IT officer Lesetja Mathiba has been suspended by premier Stan Mathabatha after declaring that he would testify about possible corruption in the province. According to a report by City Press, the suspected...
  2. L

    Online Tender Database

    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend an online database for tenders in SA? I know of: - etenders.gov.za - l2b.co.za - onlinetenders.co.za - dbonline.co.za I am trying to research the market for road construction products. Etenders.gov.za does not seem to have all tenders available...
  3. B

    Web App recommendation

    Hi sudo'ers, Anyone know of, or can suggest, a web-app type of solution for a Tender Bulletin or Bid Centre setup? I'm currently looking at WP for plugins, but it's not going to help me much... I need something that's easy enough for my end-users internally to use, without having to call...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Online tender scam warning in South Africa

    Online tender scam warning in South Africa The National Department of Health has warned against “unscrupulous companies and individuals who are defrauding unsuspecting businesses, disguised as representatives of the Department”.
  5. H

    Government Quotations

    Hi Am new into this tender / Quotation and business with government, I have met quite a few people making good money from government contracts, I just wanted to find out what is the average percentage mark up that some one should use in order to competitively bid for work, am a level 1 (one)...
  6. LazyLion

    Social Grant Tender is Valid

    A court ruling confirming the validity of a tender given to Cash Paymaster for issuing social grants was welcomed by the social development ministry on Thursday. "It has been a long journey through which several cabinet ministers and senior government officials were branded corrupt," minister...
  7. LazyLion

    Madonsela: WC advertising tender not illegal

    http://mg.co.za/article/2012-06-01-madonsela-western-cape-advertising-tender-not-illegal haha, suck on that you stupid ANC morons. Now sort out your own house first! :mad:
  8. LazyLion

    Gautrain: Massive secret payoffs

  9. rpm

    More dirt on Siphiwe Nyanda's firm hurt reputation

    More dirt on Siphiwe Nyanda's firm A devastating indictment of GNS Risk Advisory Services -- the security company linked to Siphiwe Nyanda -- has been exposed