1. NeonNinja

    Covid-19 self-test

  2. S

    Would anyone be interesting in being a Beta Tester for our Public Transport App?

    Hey guys. We're testing out our new Android app that provides journey planning with live directions, ETA's and commuter reports. We need some Cape Town testers to try it out, provide feedback and help improve the commuter experience. The app includes routes for Minibus, MyCiti, Golden Arrow...
  3. D

    Shock Testing around JHB North

    Good Day Everyone, Could you possibly please provide me with a few suggestions at to where I can take my vehicle to get its shock absorbers tested. I have been to the two following shops but both of their machines have been broken for months: BestDrive in Cresta on Beyers Naude Drive...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Surprise result in Johannesburg mobile speed tests

    Surprise result in Johannesburg mobile speed tests MyBroadband’s latest mobile drive test results in Johannesburg show that Cell C has the best data network in the area.
  5. D

    Anyone familiar with hardware network test equipment? Spirent/IXIA/other?

    Our company is looking to buy some network test hardware. Currently we have requirements of testing a 10 Gbps network, across two test endpoints. Something like: Test endpoint 1 <-> LAN <-> router/gateway <-> WAN <-> route/gateway <-> LAN <-> Test endpoint 2 We would like to generate...
  6. MickeyD

    South Africa vs Australia Official Tour Thread

    FIXTURES February 2014 5 (Wed) 3 Day Warm-up - Senwes Park, Potchefstroom (10:30) 12 (Tues) First Test - SuperSport Park, Centurion (10:30) 20 (Wed) Second Test - Axxess St George's, Port Elizabeth (10:30) March 2014 1 (Fri) Third Test - Sahara Park Newlands, Cape Town (10:30) 9...
  7. Fulcrum29

    Comodo: Alternative browsers

    Does anyone here use Comodo Dragon Internet Browser based on Google Chrome or Comodo IceDragon Internet Browser based on Mozilla Firefox? I referred a member into trying Comodo Unite for software-based VPN solutions on a WISP and stumbled on these browsers. I have heard of them before but...
  8. B


    Hi guys! Been invited to come write an IT aptitude test which is a prerequisite to get into a learnership program with BBD. Can you guys advise on what one can expect from the test? The test is said to be five hours long. I have never been invited to write such, im anxious as this learnership...
  9. G

    Free eye test ?

    Anybody know where you can get a free eye test? Thinking i might need one of these to see if all is still ok. I remember Spec Savers advertised free test once I think but now they are R315. Looking for a place that has a nice deal. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. C

    Let's see how bad Telkom sucks. Take the speed wave...

  11. jes

    Altech Technology Concepts ADSL tested

    Altech Technology Concepts ADSL tested Altech Technology Concepts recently launched their new consumer and business ADSL offering. We took it for a spin
  12. S

    Afrihost - Become a Beta Tester (of the latest website features) ??

    I just logged into the Afrihost ClientZone and saw the following link - Become a Beta Tester under the My Details section. Clicking on the link brings a popup which shows the following: This is followed by a check box and a save button. Is this something new that has been released, or...
  13. R

    Checking USB Flash Drive

    I'm currently using Check Flash 1.03 to test the USB Flash disk (mini sd card) that came with my Nokia 5800XM as we have experienced alot of corrupted data, can anyone suggest any other programs to check the integrity of the mini sd card? Download http://www.mikelab.kiev.ua/PROGRAMS/ChkFlsh.zip
  14. M

    Setting up a test website on my home PC

    I am in the process of setting up a website. I had a look around and decided to use Wordpress. My question is, how do I go about setting up the website on my home PC for testing purposes, ie, just to see how it all looks and to check out some other things? The website will consist of images in...
  15. R

    Voip on Local Broadband

    Good morning guys. Have a look at http://www.rapidaccess.co.za/lvoip.html This is a voip program wich uses Local broadband. Feel free to test and use it. We are striving to improve it and any testing and feedback will be appreciated. Please PM me if you have any questions...
  16. LazyLion

    Try these Broadband and Network Speed Tests!

    You must have JAVA installed for both of these test. The first one is short, the second is longer. Make sure you shut down all other downloads on your network. The second one is a very comprehensive test and will give you all kinds of cool feedback. :) http://www.gospeedtest.com/...
  17. M

    Springboks v Lions Tickets - Loftus Versveld 27 June

    I have access to 140 tickets on the eastern pavilion at Loftus for this test. If you are interested you can send me a PM and I will help you further. The tickets are priced at R1 140 a ticket and is on the eastern pavilion. Since NO tickets will be sold to the South African public for this...
  18. Rouxenator

    Ever wondered why Nokias are so strong ?

    I came across this interesting bit of news on GSM arena about the tests Nokia does on their phones. http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_reveals_phone_testing_routine-news-686.php Very kewl images that goes with it ;) Kinda makes you understand why their phones outlast the rest.
  19. T

    Online firewall tester. ShieldsUP!, GRC.com

    This is cool, you can see how well your firewall works. I won't comment on it's technical prowess seeing as I'm a lyman though. I use Comodo firewall and it gets a perfect score. :D http://www.grc.com/default.htm