1. Rouxenator

    2016 Opel Astra K

    The current Astra J is a beautiful car, but the replacement is on the horizon and is about 2 years or so away. The 10th generation Astra seems to be influenced by the Monza Concept. Something about the front feels rather E-type-ish which is a good thing.
  2. Rouxenator

    Rare cars on SA road

    It would be nice to see some pics of cars you don't see often on SA roads. Let me start. Been eyeing this one for a while now, looks pretty sweet even if it is a VW. My guess would be that it's a British import. 3-Door Golf 4
  3. M

    Protecting a business idea

    I'll get right to it. I have a very unique business idea and I was wondering what I could do to protect the idea of the business. Any advice will be great. Thanks!
  4. Rouxenator

    How often do you see a car that looks like yours ?

    I was quite surprised this morning when I saw another car that looks just like mine. I did see another one during the December holidays but it had an EC plate and since then I have not seen it again. Today I saw one with a CA plate so now I feel slightly less unique. As they say, your car is an...
  5. E

    MultiMedia Speakers on sale@Esquire

    Hi All Thank you for your valued support again this week on the processors and Hard Drive specials , This has again been a record breaking week with more than 263 x1TB drives sold in just two days. Just to let you know we have activated 33x MYBB on our Online Ordering system which is...
  6. Rouxenator

    MotoAuro reviewed : Unique, Stylish, Exclusive, R20000+

    Just read : http://www.mobile-review.com/review/motorola-motoaura-rev-en.shtml Wow - what a phone! I am no Motorola fan, but what they have made here is absolutely amazing, it is beautiful and has soul. While I am not one that buys a phone for its beauty there really is no getting away from...
  7. Rouxenator

    Want a unique phone? Forget the iPhone get Carbon Arte!

    http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_8800_carbon_arte_revealed_looks_the_price-news-571.php Set to be released in Q3 costing 1100 euro before subsidies or taxes - this one will be unique and by the looks of it very sexy. Pure 8xxx series Nokia at its best. The only thing more overpriced than...