1. Vorastra

    China's Military Has Surpassed US in Ships, Missiles and Air Defense, DoD Report Finds
  2. Vorastra

    FBI: The China Threat -FBI Director Christopher Wray
  3. Vorastra

    US protests/riots 2020

    This will be a catch-all thread for anything related to the current protests/riots in the US. Let's start. Warning: Graphical. Black man stabbed in the back by a 43yo white protester in Portland. He was then apprehended by fellow protesters and has been arrested by police...
  4. Vorastra

    Qasem Soleimani: Iran seeks Trump's arrest over killing of general
  5. Vorastra

    Four Men Charged in Federal Court for Attempting to Tear Down Statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square Amid Protests
  6. Ivan Leon

    Volkswagen Used Special Software to Exaggerate Fuel-Economy Claims, EPA Says

    The German automaker must restate mpg estimates on eight models from 2013 to 2017 and pay consumers Read the full article at the link below:
  7. Gordon_R

    [US] Gunman shoots at garlic festival [fatalities] Some people have a very strong disliking for garlic. #toosoon
  8. RedViking

    K-Swiss Shoes (Where to buy?)

    I used to have a pair of K-Swiss for many years. Was the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned. I don't see them in stores anymore and was wondering if there is a place still selling them.
  9. Ivan Leon

    BMW X1 Recalled Because It Doesn’t Meet Federal Safety Standards

    BMW is recalling 106,182 of its 2016 to 2019 X1 SUVs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the event of a crash where an occupant’s head contacts the B-pillar, the pillar may not absorb an adequate amount of the impact, as required by federal safety standards. The...
  10. Ivan Leon

    Mitsubishi Is Recalling 140,000 Cars For Potential Engine Stalling (USA)

    Poor Mitsubishi just can’t really catch a break can it? Yesterday we celebrated because it managed to sell over 100,000 vehicles in the U.S. last year and today we’ve got some recall news for you. You win some, you lose some. The recall affects 141,053 cars (about 40,000 more than what...
  11. Newsfeed

    US bans use of Kaspersky software by federal agencies

    US bans use of Kaspersky software by federal agencies The U.S. government banned all use of Kaspersky Lab Inc. software in federal information systems, citing concerns about the Moscow-based security firm’s links to the Russian government and espionage efforts.
  12. Ivan Leon

    Mazda recalls RX-8 sports cars for fuel leaks, suspension trouble

    Mazda is recalling thousands of older sports cars to fix possible fuel line leaks and problems with the front suspensions. The largest recall covers more than 69 000 RX-8s from 2004 through 2008. The automaker says in documents posted Wednesday by US regulators that a fuel pump pipe can...
  13. Ivan Leon

    New Lawsuit Accuses GM Of Cheating Diesel Emissions Tests On 705,000 Trucks
  14. Ivan Leon

    Hyundai, Kia recall over 1M vehicles for engine gremlins
  15. Ivan Leon

    We Don't Know The Environmental Effects Of Junking Half A Million Volkswagen Diesels

    Read the full in-depth article at the link below:
  16. Dave

    Electronic devices banned on some US flights from Muslim states - UK ban to follow
  17. C

    Business Registration - UK, China, USA

    Hi, A weight loss supplements company I'm consulting for would like to register businesses in the USA, China and London. Where can I obtain information regarding the procedures to be followed? We also need to get FDA approval, etc. They are currently doing really well in SA...
  18. Kevin Lancaster

    Find out how much you will get paid if you work in the USA

    Find out how much you will get paid if you work in the USA Glassdoor and LinkedIn have launched free, personalised salary estimate tools based on today’s job market.
  19. Kevin Lancaster

    USA’s average download speed is over 54Mbps

    USA’s average download speed is over 54Mbps The latest Ookla Speetest report shows that the USA’s average broadband download speed is now over 54Mbps.
  20. F

    Order cheaper GPU/CPU from USA?

    So I'm looking to upgrade my current system to an i7 6700k, GTX 1070 build. As you all know it is very expensive to do this in SA.. The best price I could find was from Wootware and it was for around R14600.00 for the card and the processor, which is a lot of money. To compare I looked up the...