1. Rouxenator

    VAT increase : companies absorbing VS companies passing it on to you

    Many of you probably got emails or SMSs over the last few weeks regarding the VAT increase of 1% to 15%. What is interesting to me is the companies that are absorbing this cost VS those that pass it on to the customer. Let's list the good ones VS the bad ones. In my case so far : Passing...
  2. Kevin Lancaster

    VAT Rates – South Africa vs The World

    VAT Rates – South Africa vs The World Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will deliver his budget speech today, with experts predicting he will announce an increase in the country’s VAT rate.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Why Gordhan should raise VAT by 2%

    Why Gordhan should raise VAT by 2% Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is expected to announce a number of tax increases when he delivers the 2017 Budget speech on Wednesday, February 22.
  4. S

    Customs and Import Duties for Development Boards, e.g. RPi

    I would like to find out from those who have imported ARM development boards in connection with customs VAT and import duties. For example, what rates have you paid when importing boards such as the Raspberry Pi? I am asking because I am importing the Samsung Exynos 4412-based board on...
  5. J

    Can I have an IPad mailed to me?

    Hello, I just moved to ZA from the USA last week. My wife has an iPad with a cracked screen and I wanted to upgrade to the iPad pro next month. Apple products are insanely expensive here and I want to have one mailed from home. So I have a couple questions, if you don't mind helping. 1) can...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Will the SA government increase VAT?

    Will the SA government increase VAT? A hike in the VAT rate would be less distorting for the macroeconomy should the government need additional funds in future‚ than a rise in personal or corporate tax rates.
  7. D

    Registering for VAT?

    I am sure that this question has been asked a few times on this thread and I do apology if it is a repeat... My company registration has been completed and business bank accounts open. What I would like to know is the following: 1. How long does it take to VAT register a business? I will...
  8. 5

    VAT on commission only?

    I own a VAT registered entertainment agency, operating on a commission basis (margin is usually 20%). We invoice our clients for the performers' fees plus our commission, and then pay the performers upon receipt of payment from our client. Many of the performers whom we would pay out on a...
  9. W

    Starting a small business - PAYE vs VAT vendor

    Hi All, Gonna be starting a small business soon (whilst working a 'normal' full time PAYE day job for a company). Income expected to only be a few thousand if not a few hundred a month. Big growth is possible, but hard to tell right now. My Q is, should I just submit the additional income...
  10. M

    Start-up business- Accountant or no accountant?

    At the risk of sounding like a money-grabbing nuisance, this is my opinion: I noticed on this forum, that many first-time entrepreneurs ask if they need an accountant when starting up a business. Anybody can register a company at CIPC, or register for taxes at SARS, etc. Doing the...
  11. Jan

    VAT on digital goods and services in SA from April: Treasury

    Digital products taxed in SA from April: Treasury Treasury has published new electronic services regulations, detailing which digital products and services will be subject to 14% VAT.
  12. F

    VAT Registration Question

    Hi I'm in the process of Registering for VAT.. I have a cc and had my accountant fill in forms and have all the necessary supporting documents.. I would like to know what the Turnaround time is for getting my VAT number.. I'm in a bit of a rush as I need the number to open a supplier account...
  13. J

    Importing PC Repair toolkits from US into South Africa - help!

    Hi There, I'm wanting to buy a toolkit set from - a company in the US that has come up with a truly brilliant set of screwdrivers and other PC repair tools. They are happy with getting it to me via USPS but strictly state that they are not involved when it comes to Customs and...
  14. |tera|

    Who gets VAT?

    Could someone please explain to me where VAT goes to? We all pay VAT, every single person that purchases a toffee to a 2L cool drink, to Petrol, whatever we buy, we pay VAT. Does the VAT go to SARS? Does the Government get it? Why are we so phased then that 4.5 Million Tax payers are...
  15. B

    Boxy's RAT on VAT - Drat!

    Value Added Tax (VAT): total VAT collections were R190.5 billion and showed a relatively muted growth of R6.9 billion (3.8%) year-on-year. This performance was R0.4 billion (-0.2%) below the Revised Estimate in the 2012 Budget (source)...
  16. B

    How to register a new company?? Please help

    Hi Guys, I’m a 21 year old student at Wits studying a BSC Property Studies. I’ve got a very entrepreneurial mind and drive and have a successful events company that I just run as a sole proprietor. Anyway iv recently had a great idea for an expo and iv met with all the parties involved as...
  17. J

    VAT on affiliate commissions - anyone know the answer?

    Here is a situation I would like to know the answer to. I have found numerous contradicting answers on the web. 1. I run an affiliate website which sends leads to a company that handles money transfers in and out of South Africa. 2. To cut a long story short, I get paid on how much is...
  18. L

    VAT implications Re: Zappon Vouchers

    In short: A Business I am dealing with (not VAT registered) are currently dealing with Zappon/Groupon/etc (seemingly VAT registered). They are eg. selling a R1000 'service' for R500 on their website(s). How Zappon etc work: Zappon states that they take 3% of the R500 towards credit card...
  19. M

    My TAX setup...

    Hi all, Need some advice regarding my TAX setup. For the past 3 years I have been registered as a provisional tax payer, filling out IRP6's. I have a Sole Prop. which is registered for VAT aswell. I submitted my last IRP6 in July, long before the August 31st cutoff date. On the 7th of...