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    Ditching Vuma for Openserve

    For the past 4 years, I have used Cell C + Vuma for my internet. I am on a 20mbps fibre line but I feel like we may need something a little faster. I have been very happy with Cell C as my ISP, their support is exceptional and their international capacity is reliable. I checked Cell-C's...
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    Mweb Fibre (via vumatel) constant disconnections

    Hello Folks I have been having issues with my Fibre for about 6 ++ months. I did try to communicate with Mweb about this issue but its so expensive to call them and the support has been meagre. I tried the things the support person from Mweb asked and I even tried using CMD prompt to ping my...
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    What to do to Get Fibre ?? Vumatel

    Hello MyBroadband My Community is 36% Fibre interested "Vumatel" how do i get the Rest of the Community to 100% Fibre Lit & Active. LTE is So Bad. I Do Not Really Want to pay For 2 Poynting Antenna's i sort of don't like the ping on Telkom LTE to Joburg. i need Fibre Optic Cable to my...