wifi boost

  1. A

    Rain Mobile Network

    Anyone else experiencing slow Network Speed? Or have I just reached my usage threshold?
  2. GreatWmR

    Wifi extender using an Ethernet cable

    Hey guys i'm just wondering if there such a product i currently have a TP wireless wifi extender but it cuts off at random because it looses signal from my modem now i was wondering since i have one unused Ethernet cable could i plug that into something to give out the wifi signal
  3. J

    Extend WiFi To House Across The Road

    We run a self catering agency with many homes in and around Cape Town. Getting WiFi in these homes become a mess with 3G tops ups and other issues I'll not bore you with. I am trying to elimate this interupting task one by one. Here's the first idea: I want to boost our WiFi to one of these...
  4. P

    How to connect house to building network

    At our church we have ADSL for Internet (moving onto wireless internet soon) and LTE for VoIP. There's a network switch in the middle that connects everything The computers in the church office are connected to this network. However, the church house is 70m away from the church building...
  5. S

    House Wifi

    Hi Guys I don't know if I am placing it in the right forum I have a client who has ADSL Wireless Router in the Garage where she has a studio. She wants to have wireless access in the house from the router. Here is my problem. The walls between the house and the garage are a bit...
  6. Y

    WIFI Boosting HELP

    Hi people - need some advise on improving WIFI signal throughout an office building. I have put together a diagram of what I'm looking for - and doing countless of Google searches could not find such a device. I've seen repeaters and bridges but nothing quite for what I'm looking for, so...