Apr 11, 2016
Hi Guys

I don't know if I am placing it in the right forum

I have a client who has ADSL Wireless Router in the Garage where she has a studio.

She wants to have wireless access in the house from the router.

Here is my problem. The walls between the house and the garage are a bit thick which means that the house does not get good signal from the router and the bedrooms have dead spots.

What would you recommend that would work? putting Wireless Extenders in or Access poinnts to boost the signal?

Will there be 2 SSIDs involved? on one network then? One for Office and one for the access point connecting to the Lan ports on the router?


Jul 5, 2006
You have quite a few options.

My personal favourite is to run a network cable from one access point to the next and then set both up with the same SSID and password (make sure to use exactly the same type of encryption, etc). That gives you by far the best stability and speed. Once your phone or laptop detects it has a stronger signal to the other access point it will reconnect to that one.

Second option if you cannot or dont want to run a network cable is to try ethernet over power line adapters. Depending on your electrical layout in your house it can work really well... or it can suck badly. YMMV

Thirdly is a wireless extender. What this does is your one wifi access point connects to the other one over wifi, and both also allow client connectivity. However you need decent wifi signal between the two and you halve your bandwidth as the one wifi signal is used for clients and the connection between the two.

I highly recommend taking the punch and just running some cable.