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    Connect 2 modems with lan cable for better wifi coverage

    I have 2 Dlink dap2750 modems, I would like to connect them in different parts of the house for better wifi coverage, I have an existing lan cable between the 2 points, any idea on how to set them up?
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    House Wifi

    Hi Guys I don't know if I am placing it in the right forum I have a client who has ADSL Wireless Router in the Garage where she has a studio. She wants to have wireless access in the house from the router. Here is my problem. The walls between the house and the garage are a bit...
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    Problems connecting Samsung ES7500 to extended Wfi router

    Hi ALL Im hoping someone can help me here. My setup is as follows : UPSTAIRS : Telephone /ADSL Line Billion Router. DOWNSTAIRS : tplink wifi extender WR340G Samsung Smart TV ES7500 Ive extended my wifi range but connecting me tplink to the billion router wirelessly usings WDS ...
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    Wifi Extender

    Hey guys. Is it worth it getting a wifi extender? Do these things work and how easy is the setup?
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    2 router wifi bridging WiFi extending

    Hi guys, I am trying to set up something. I'm using WiFi in my house, my issue is the last couple of rooms are to far away. I'm using a Netgear router. I have a spare D-Link router as well, they are both Wifi routers. Is it possible for my to setup some sort of bridge where I can use my...
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    WIFI range extending - Any experience / feedback on these units

    Have anyone used ither of the following. I want to use it to extend my ADSL modem's Wireless range. I have a Billion 800GT or something(Telkom supplied) and the signal is not strong enough to reach all corners of the house D-Link DAP-1360 Wireless N Range Extender -...
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    Extending Wireless network for dummy's

    Please can someone help me with settings (bearing in mind I am new to this so please explain in simple terms, I'm blonde to boot!). I have large pockets of dead spots in my home so am trying to extend my wireless network but am unable to get my second router to work. Here was my plan of...
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    WIFI Boosting HELP

    Hi people - need some advise on improving WIFI signal throughout an office building. I have put together a diagram of what I'm looking for - and doing countless of Google searches could not find such a device. I've seen repeaters and bridges but nothing quite for what I'm looking for, so...