wifi extender

  1. D

    Wifi Extender Disables Internet

    Hi, I recently bought a Wifi Extender (TP-Link - TL-WA850RE) and 5 Port Desktop Switch (TP-Link TL-SF1005D) to get coverage in my granny flat, next to my folk's place. They have the modem in their house, and the WiFi doesn't reach my flat so I figured I'd use the desktop switch to get a wired...
  2. A

    Using 2nd router as a wifi extender

    I recently got a DLink router when I upgraded to fibre. I would like to use my Netgear router (model DGN2200) as a wifi repeater. I have wired a network cable from the DLink to the Netgear and can see the Netgear router from my cell phone, but am unable to connect to the internet. I changed the...
  3. L

    Powerline with Neighbour

    Looking to share my internet with the parentals next door, but due to the positioning of the telkom cable and the accompanying wifi router, the wifi barely covers one room next door. A repeater/WDS will end up repeating the weak 1 bar signal and is not the route I would like to go. Simply lying...
  4. M

    2 X Huawei wireless extender ws331c, new, sealed

    Item: 2 x Huawei wireless extender ws331c, new, sealed Location: Pretoria/Centurion Reason: not needed Delivery Method: any, buyer pays Price: R350 each Link : http://consumer.huawei.com/kw-en/hom...s331c-kwen.htm
  5. Tim_vb

    mesh routing between properties

    I'm looking for recommendation for mesh routing between different properties about 50m apart where only one one property has fibre backhaul. I read that a mesh solution would be a better solution than trying to string together wireless repeaters. Does anyone have a recommendation about the best...
  6. J

    Extend WiFi To House Across The Road

    We run a self catering agency with many homes in and around Cape Town. Getting WiFi in these homes become a mess with 3G tops ups and other issues I'll not bore you with. I am trying to elimate this interupting task one by one. Here's the first idea: I want to boost our WiFi to one of these...
  7. P

    How to connect house to building network

    At our church we have ADSL for Internet (moving onto wireless internet soon) and LTE for VoIP. There's a network switch in the middle that connects everything The computers in the church office are connected to this network. However, the church house is 70m away from the church building...
  8. S

    House Wifi

    Hi Guys I don't know if I am placing it in the right forum I have a client who has ADSL Wireless Router in the Garage where she has a studio. She wants to have wireless access in the house from the router. Here is my problem. The walls between the house and the garage are a bit...
  9. R

    Extend Wifi hotspot downstairs

    I've seen a post about this question on another thread but that was 3 years ago. Basically my router is upstairs and my office is downstairs. I am JUST out of wifi range but it's as good as not having any wifi. My PC in my office is of course connected to the internet (by cable) however and I...
  10. J

    How do I upgrade the firmware of Mweb's WiFi extender WRE2205 v2?

    Is there anyone that can explain to me how to do this? I have already downloaded the latest firmware from http://www.zyxel.com but they do not explain how to install it.
  11. T

    Wifi MEGA Issues: Help Please

    Hey Guys, it's ya boy TayeedzSA, I'm new to the forum and a noob with complicated internet setups. Introductions aside, here's the problem I need help with: Recently I moved from a single story house to a double story with thick, I repeat, THICK walls and a rather thick ceiling from...
  12. F

    Netgear DG834GU V5 - Need help with setup

    Hi everyone, I got a Netgear DG834GU v5 from an auction site for about R75 including shipping. I basically want to use it as a range extender and also to connect a hard drive to it to share media with my laptop and cellphone. So far it hasn't gone very well. about 10min after I...