worst isp

  1. E

    Cool ideas worst isp for customer service! stay away!

    Seven days ago I signed up to Cool Ideas ISP for a new fibre line for the house I will be moving into. I was impressed that they were voted best ISP. I have not yet used their service the router is still unopened and there is no power going to the CPE box. I replied to one of their billing...
  2. simmakombe

    Beware of eNetworks (GoTurbo) debit orders!

    I had pre-ordered fibre internet with eNetworks t/a @goturbo as they are offering an attractive deal, they started debiting from my account despite Muizenberg area not having any fibre infrastructure installed. Their phones always go unanswered, I finally managed to get hold of their accounts...
  3. G

    ADSL line transfer issue

    Hi guys, Was wondering if anyone has any knowledge on this. I am wanting to change ISP's because my current ISP (Delonet) has a useless support dept and they are pushing up their prices. Basically, I have logged multiple tickets and they just don't reply.Their phone just rings when I call...
  4. P

    Web Africa + OpenServe = Stay Away

    Just a friendly note to anyone who might be interested in fibre from Web Africa and Open Serve. Just stay away. Ive been having high latency. Unstable Internet, where it will disconnect for 5 seconds and then i have to restart everything to get it back up. This has been going on since the...
  5. rpm

    The best and worst Internet providers

    The best and worst Internet providers