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  1. W

    XBOX Account

    Item: XBOX Account Account Standing: Active Location: Cape Town Reason: Not needed Delivery Method: Email Price: R1000 Have an unused XBOX Account with the following: Xbox Live Gold (expires 23 December 2021) UFC 4 Cyberpunk 2077 Red Dead Redemption 2 FIFA 21 Once money clears I can change...
  2. Chris

    Microsoft rebrands Xbox Live

    Microsoft rebrands Xbox Live Microsoft recently confirmed that it has renamed its online multiplayer service Xbox Live to Xbox network. The name-change first became apparent when the Xbox dashboard began to feature the new branding for Xbox Insider beta users. These users have also been given...
  3. J

    Xbox Live suffers major outage

    Xbox Live suffers major outage Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service is back online following a serious outage which affected multiple services. Xbox users reported that they were unable to sign in on their Xbox One consoles and subsequently could not access certain apps and games.
  4. Elax

    Cheaper xbox live gold codes?

    Hi, December last year I bought my xbox live gold 12 month gold code on a local website, but for the life of me I can't remember the name. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks
  5. S

    Call Of Duty BO2 Servers Down??

    Hi guys as per the website the servers are down been trying to get online for 2 hours now Xbox (360) Live is online.:mad:
  6. S

    Using Cell C ZTE MF190 Speedstick Unable to play on Xbox Live

    Good day fellow members. I am willing to provide as much info as possible to resolve my issue :) **The Plan** Last night I received my package from Takealot (Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 + 32gb Transcend usb 3.0 flashdrive) I thought I would be able to pop the game into my xbox install it to...
  7. D

    Gaming on LTE

    Hi Guys I have seen past forms on my gaming on this topic, just wondering if anyone has any updated feedback on their LTE and gaming. Mainly Xbox live and PSN Plus...Telkom is not going to replace my line and i have no option but mobile and luckily i am in an LTE area. Thanks for the help
  8. T

    Xbox live game server issues

    Is anybody else experiencing issues with Xbox live multiplayer? Specifically GTA 5. I am getting a "Rockstar game services are unavailable right now" error. Tried on 2 different xboxes with different accounts using different internet access. (3G and Iburst)
  9. jes

    Xbox LIVE hosts Guinness World record attempt - invites gamers

    Xbox LIVE hosts Guinness World record attempt - invites gamers Free-to-play Xbox LIVE Gold weekend includes a new Guinness World Gaming record attempt
  10. jes

    Xbox LIVE SA: get 50 percent off a 12-month Gold subscription with purchases

    Xbox LIVE SA: get 50 percent off a 12-month Gold subscription with purchases Thinking of buying an Xbox 360 console or game? Get 50% off a Gold subscription too
  11. T

    Xbox Live SA

    This may be a stupid question, but I can't see it anywhere on the forum. I am using a Local Xbox Live Account but when I play COD I get connected to people in Europe. I really don't mind but now I get 1 maybe 2 bars connectivity and it makes it really hard to be competitive as I had severe...
  12. rpm

    Xbox Live

    Xbox - LIVE and Let Die Xbox LIVE has arrived in South Africa – but at what cost? Literally, I mean
  13. rpm

    Xbox LIVE arcade: The best our there

    Xbox LIVE arcade's be The 100% incontestable, incontrovertible, indisputable list
  14. S

    how to explain that your download speed and latency is not interdependent

    Hi, I have a friend who thinks that because of a slower dsl connection, he wont be able to play games online. He's using a 4mbps line and im on a new 10mbps line. He is arguing with me that I am able to play halo 3 multiplayer with international players because of my new line and that he wont...
  15. S

    Xbox live

    Hi guys, I want to buy the halo reach limited edition slim console, but read this article now in this article it states: "If you buy any Xbox console, you will be able to purchase...
  16. rpm

    Xbox Live SA: pricing and launch specials

    Xbox Live South Africa: pricing and launch specials explained Microsoft SA reveals launch specials to “ease the pain” of local inflation
  17. jes

    South Africa's Xbox LIVE service - the pros and cons

    South Africa's Xbox LIVE service - the pros and cons Xbox LIVE finally gets a local release date, but will you be using it?
  18. jes

    Xbox LIVE service in South Africa - confirmed and dated

    Xbox LIVE service in South Africa - confirmed and dated Xbox LIVE will launch in South Africa this November – here are the details
  19. T

    AKAMAI Local servers, XBOX Live downloads at 3.5mbps

    Greetings. I recently noticed a ping to, yields 33ms responses from any one of my ADSL accounts. I also noticed that certain content coming down from XBOX LIVE is in fact running at the same speed I get when doing a local speedtest - roughly 3.5mbps Comparing this to...
  20. D

    The Unofficial Microsoft E3 Rundown + Future Extras

    Well for those who didn't watch the E3 show and who has been reading snippits here and there I bring you the full rundown showing you why it's a great time for 360 owners so let's get started. P.S I'll be updating as new news appear. 1.) Shadowrun. For those who like 2D based 3D shooters...