1. Cyanide9

    Xneelo hosting and Laravel

    We currently use a managed server from Xneelo for all our websites and web-based applications. The problem we're having is that Xneelo does not support the proper/correct way of deploying a Laravel application by changing the web document root to serve the Laravel public folder. They did however...
  2. Jan

    Small business webhosting roundup - April 2023

    What it costs to host a small business website in South Africa Having a website to promote and sell products and services, and provide potential customers with a contact point, is vital for businesses of all sizes. Small South African companies have a range of hosting providers from which to...
  3. Jan

    Business web hosting in South Africa roundup - February 2023

    Best website hosting providers for South African businesses If you want to be a competitive business in South Africa, there are no two ways about it — you need a high-quality website. A digital presence opens up a wealth of potentially-lucrative opportunities by allowing customers to gain easy...
  4. Jan

    Services to protect websites against DDoS attacks - including South African providers

    Security products to protect websites against DDoS attacks It is critical for South Africans to protect their sites against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to prevent the loss of meaningful traffic on their websites. DDoS attacks on South African websites and applications have...
  5. Jan

    4 local web hosting options for small businesses

    Best website hosting providers for South African businesses South African business owners have several providers to choose from to host their websites. The Covid-19 pandemic brought into stark relief the importance of having a digital presence.
  6. Jan

    Dedicated server web hosting price comparison in South Africa

    South African dedicated server price comparison South Africans looking for a hosting service to develop and release an app, or for their online business, have several options to choose from. Cloud hosting is versatile and robust cloud hosting, but this could get expensive if you aren't careful.
  7. Jan

    Basic website hosting prices compared

    How much it costs to host a basic website in South Africa Having a website for your brand is vital in the modern age, and South African businesses have a range of hosting providers from which to choose. It is crucial that you choose the right hosting service for your needs to ensure that you...
  8. Anthro

    Huge Telecoms / BitCo routing to HostAfrica

    Help me understand here, take all the time you need... and then explain it like you would to a five year old. I have a client who has their server hosted with HostAfrica (Hetzner / Xneelo DC) in JHB. The client is experiencing high latency via RDP, and is complaining to my callcentre of the bad...
  9. Cyanide9

    Continuous integration and continuous deployment CI/CD

    Has anyone done CI/CD on shared hosting or managed server? Especially on an Xneelo/Hetzner package. And if so, I would love some guidance as this is a completely new field for me.
  10. adam_g

    Dedicated Server Hosting in SA

    Anyone know if an alternative to Xneelo? We have been using Xneelo since 2016 we have servers in JHB and CPT but whenever we need to upgrade and or get a new server we get hit with those once off setup fees that make it extremely hard to scale also their specs are pretty dated. With the Rand...
  11. J

    Hetzner South Africa re-brands to Xneelo

    Hetzner South Africa re-brands to Xneelo Hetzner South Africa has rebranded as Xneelo as part of its global expansion initiative and to differentiate itself from Hetzner Online. Xneelo already has an office in Canada and intends to launch into new markets with tailored web hosting services.