1. Software Boys Pty LTD

    2 x Yealink T40G VoIP phones

    Item: 2 x Yealink T40G VoIP phones Age: 3 months old Price: R800 for both Payment Method Accepted: EFT Warranty: Supplier Packaging: Will package up if shipped Condition: Like Brand New Location: Durban Reasewn: Not needed Shipping: TCG Link...
  2. J

    JCJ Group Telecoms

    JCJ Group Telecoms Telecom Service Providers in Port Elizabeth Great service and advice at competitive prices 0410040322
  3. GipsyD

    Adding existing numbers to VOIP Phones and Servers?

    I'm pretty fresh to the whole VOIP scene, so bear with me The company I work for recently bought out a company that was no longer solvent. We bought out their entire office building. Now, this company used to work with VOIP Phones as their main way of communicating with customers and others on...
  4. C

    External Ringer for Yeastar S20

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help me here. I have the following setup at a client of mine 1 x Yeastar S20 PBX 7 x Yealink Texentions configure to all ring at the same time. My problem is. With their previous Samsung Analogue PABX they had a external ringer configured inside the factory...
  5. L

    Skype for Business T46G Yealink IP Phone

    Does anyone have experience with Yealink products, specifically relating to the Skype for Business Firmware? This is why... We are using Skype for Business on premises server. The Firmware license on the T46G was successfully installed. Current FW: SFB License: Active We...
  6. B

    Looking for IP Phones

    Hi all, I am currently looking for IP Phones at good prices. Brand new or second hand. I'm not fussy and will take Yealink T20/T21/T22 or Snom 300, etc. Basically entry level phones. A point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  7. mh348

    Yealink SIP-T21P vs SIP-T22P for home/office use

    I'm planning on setting up voip phones between our remote offices and one at home. For the phones I'm looking at 2 Yealink models, Yealink SIP-T21P - Entry Level, 2 SIP accounts Yealink SIP-T22P - Enterprise, 3 SIP accounts Will both of these work with providers like Switchtel, FNB etc?