ADSL capped data price drop

Ok... I wonder if this is still unsustainable ?

/just had to be said
but warned that existing clients cannot downgrade or cancel their current account to sign up for this new offer.

What up with that?
Openweb founder Keoma Wright highlighted that the accounts allow 4 concurrent connections, but warned that existing clients cannot downgrade or cancel their current account to sign up for this new offer.
Say what? :confused:
When is Mweb jumping on the bandwith wagon?
Everyone is waiting in anticipation. somethings got to give sooner or later
I got the 50gb account yesterday , working very nicely for me, streaming was excellent, wow ping was 20ms off WA's 200ms.
Beating the crap out of saix daytime performance
Tempting.... On 11 gigs for R 99.00 atm with AH.... Just applied for another adsl line... With 3 lines running I am defo going to need more bw.


Will wait and see. AH have never let me down yet.
Jip, not clever. It's easy to cancel and get it on the wife's name. How will they know?

That's obviously an option, but it's not clever in the sense of the potential bad publicity it might attract. We don't see guys like Afrihost barring existing subscribers from cancelling and signing up new accounts - in fact they migrate you over to the new pricing.
This means that they are looking for new money. If you are an existing client, then they already have your money. They are looking for new money.

Jip, margins must be tight. I cancelled my OW uncapped account on the 2nd of June and asked Keoma nicely to consider allowing it to end in June as it's not even 2 full days late. Not a word from him. Cancellations department plainly refused. So that means I will not be returning to them.

As I said, margins must be very tight.
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Pity Openweb has such a crap website and control panel. You can't even view your invoices or your statement through their control panel or even view your password for your accounts. If you want to cancel your account with them you have to go through this long drawn out process. No thanks. Been there, done that. Never again.
Was tempted as I am in the market for a new ISP seeing this will be my last month with WebAfrica, but I don't like companies being so restrictive especially not towards loyal/existing customers. If i sign up with them guaranteed one day they will treat me the same like existing customers which looks like are not important.

Bad Move