Afrihost worse than Telkom?


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Oct 27, 2011
Afrihost worse than Telkom?

Yes, Afrihost is far worse than Telkom or any other service provider.
I was charged R529.35 at the beginning of January 2018 for a fibre line I never received- endless emails, complaints still no refund- still no-one contacting me to sort this out. According to them my fibre line (which I immediately cancelled)is live, although the street I live in will only go live at the end of February.
2. I was charged for adsl from the wrong credit card. I spoke to someone from support and apparently it was sorted out on their side. Needless to say- they charged me again from the same card which I had cancelled before the debit went through. I sent again a complaint today and requested to call me- let's see if someone capable is getting back to me this time. Also, their call back option never works- for many month now. They probably need to save money so they can't call their customer back. Interestingly all the tickets of complaints which I lodged through the client portal are suddenly vanished- only old ones from years ago are visible.
There is more - but the bottom line is- please for your own sake- stay away from Afrihost!! The moment something goes wrong with them you are in trouble!