DStv dropping four E-tv channels


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May 24, 2010
DStv cuts four channels

MultiChoice is dropping four E-tv channels from the DStv platform on 1 April 2022, eMedia has announced.

“eMedia and MultiChoice have renewed a channel supply agreement in which Multichoice have opted not to carry certain eMedia channels, namely eMovies, eMovies Extra, eExtra and eToonz,” an eMedia spokesperson stated.
According to Rapport, around 37 permanent employees from E-tv on Monday afternoon. Reportedly 23 contract workers were also let go.
Sense, this does not make.
Sad thing is Emovies is only channel with decent movies on and they had adverts.
They've also been moving more repeats to Extra so if you now miss out due to Dstv's shoddy service you are just out of luck or have to go download fishing. This is not going to go down well.
DSTV is moving away from the demographic who traditionally paid for their premium service. They now make their money in the rest of Africa and amongst the majority demographic in South Africa.

The majority demographic is not really interested in watching old American movies such as those shown on the E-media channels nor do they stream DSTV. The chances therefore do not affect their new target audience

All the decisions they have made in the past few weeks make perfect business sense but in the process they are alienating the rest of us. I think the number of cancelations on their premium service has or will soon reach a point where DSTV premium will no longer be sustainable. This may affect the broadcast of rugby and cricket in the near future.