Frogfoot explains R750 fee for downgrades

Coleman said that changing speeds and other services require changing the terminal equipment setup deployed at the premises and some administration on Frogfoot’s portals, which might result in some downtime.
Nonsense excuse, considering upgrades aren't subject to the fee.

This is such a blatantly anti-consumer move and for many people, they won't have any choice but to deal with nonsense like this if there are no other fibre providers in their area.
I almost think that in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, the fee is aimed at preventing the consumer from downgrading or exiting an agreement or downgrading a package. I am sure the courts will first have to hear this matter and will have the final say. This may well end up with this company facing a hefty fine if the court feels the same.
God Frogfoot is such a trash fibre network operator.

Not only is the reliability notoriously bad, but they pull this on top of it.

Is getting a massive slice of the monthly fee the customer pays the ISP just not enough for these pricks?
My ISP informed me a month ago about the increase in fees (including speed increase) but I am not interested
So I asked to be downgraded to half the speed
Very happy with the service and my speed and the cost now :thumbsup:
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It is also worth noting that Frogfoot charges a R1,725 fee for changing ISPs. Although this is not unique to Frogfoot, its migration fee has always been on the high side compared to other fibre network operators.

Wonder where are the Competition Commission on this one, and when they will start? I see some companies begging for R100m or 10% of annual gross income fines each.
Wrong practice by frogfoot. Hope other fiber providers wouldn't follow this trend.
I understand why @Frogfoot Fibre does it.
Don’t necessarily agree with it.

My feeling as a good faith sign FF should do a 3-4 month fee suspension a after price/speed increases, a number of users would probably wait it get use to the speed and stay some would downgrade. But good will goes a long way