1. J

    Terrible service on Frogfoot/Afrihost

    We were experiencing constant packet loss and interruptions in the connection with on a fiber line on Frogfoot, then eventually the connection cut out completely. The fiber line technicians came after a few days and said our line is good but the ONT is broken. It has since been a week of trying...
  2. Nod

    Own ONT support

    I will hopefully be able to order fiber in September, depending on when FF goes live in Darling. I have a Ubiquiti network, and like to extent this to the ONT. Is this supported by FF/CI? If it is, which specific model should I get (UF-Nano/Loco)? I assume is does not really matter?
  3. G

    Frogfoot Cape Town

    Just want to open up a thread for Frogfoot Cape Town - issues, complaints, compliments
  4. Jan

    Cheapest fibre network operators in South Africa

    Fibre price war — Cheapest network operators in South Africa A fibre-to-the-home price analysis revealed that Openserve and Frogfoot are the most affordable fibre network operators, while Metrofibre is the most expensive. This analysis followed price cuts by two of South Africa’s largest fibre...
  5. Jan

    Cheapest fibre deals by line speed in South Africa

    Cheapest fibre-to-the-home deals in South Africa South Africans can now get uncapped fibre packages starting from as little as R299 per month thanks to substantial price cuts in the past year. Openserve, Frogfoot, Vumatel, MetroFibre, Herotel, and Octotel were among the fibre network operator...
  6. G

    Vox Claw back Charge

    So just got a quote from Vox and spoke to the sales consultant now, who mentioned that if I cancel the service within 12 months, there is an R1725 cancellation fee. This is because of the "free installation" clawback fee. Which I'm yet to find in their T's & C's. Also, I'll be charged this even...
  7. Jan

    Fibre-to-the-home price comparison - Vumatel and Octotel join the price war

    Fibre price war — Vumatel and Octotel join the fight Fibre network operators and Internet service providers (ISPs) in South Africa have slashed the price of fibre-to-the-home products in recent months. Openserve started the price war in March when it upgraded speeds and cut prices on its fibre...
  8. Hanno Labuschagne

    Here is the cause of Frogfoot's fibre network outage

    Here is the cause of Frogfoot's fibre network outage Fibre network operator Frogfoot Networks has explained the cause of intermittent connectivity issues on its network over the last five days. Frogfoot customers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and East London have been struggling...
  9. K

    Frogfoot subscription inquiry

    Sorry, I'm new to this whole fibre thing so this might be a dumb question. Frogfoot is currently rolling out fibre where I live in George and I was thinking of moving to it as I could go from 4Mbps to 30Mbps for only a 20% increase in price. From reading forums on here I've gathered that FF is...
  10. Hanno Labuschagne

    Big Frogfoot fibre outage

    Big Frogfoot fibre outage Frogfoot’s fibre network has suffered intermittent connectivity issues across South Africa over the last three days. The operator first stated it was experiencing a national outage on Saturday afternoon, which it said was affecting customers in Johannesburg, Cape...
  11. Chris

    South African fibre price war

    South African fibre price war South African broadband users are enjoying big price cuts and free speed upgrades on fibre-to-the-home products with fibre network operators and ISPs fighting for market share. The fibre price war was started by Openserve when it upgraded speeds and cut prices on...
  12. Hanno Labuschagne

    Potholes in South Africa - so bad that a fibre operator is helping to fix them

    Potholes in South Africa - so bad that a fibre operator is helping to fix them South Africa’s pothole problem has become so significant that the fibre network operator Frogfoot is jumping in to help. Frogfoot and Grahamstown Wi-Fi have partnered with a local service provider in a two-month...
  13. Sharkssmart1

    The best and cheapest ISP packages via Vumatel

    Currently, I am in a position where I can't just change ISPs from one provider to another, but I feel like I just have to bite the bullet and change. That being said, I am certain everyone knows the stubbornness of Vumatel refusing to follow Openserve and Frogfoot's example by allowing other...
  14. S

    14 working days and no internet

    I am conpletely frustrated with the level of bad service frogfoot provides. I moved into new place that is fibre ready all it needs is for them to activate and send a router. Firstly I sent them a photo of the Access point as they asked for, then also my lease agreement. I keep checking up no...
  15. D

    Single Connection Performance - Home Connect & Frogfoot

    Hi All, I recently got Fibre, 15 October 2020, and couldn't be more excited until I started running some speed tests lol. I decided to sign up with Home-Connect as they were the cheapest...and Frogfoot was the only available FNO in my area. I opted for the 200/200Mbps package they offer. So...
  16. L

    A Ghost terminated my Frogfoot line

    Seems like a ghost terminated my one @Frogfoot Fibre line. Being stonewalled from all sides. @Frogfoot Fibre does FF have a PAIA Manual, in terms of Section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000)?
  17. YourKaptain

    Frogfoot Installation - ABSOLUTE Nightmare...

    Ordered new fibre line to be installed on the 11th of August, through Afrihost - after weeks of battling to get the installation date set with Frogfoot, it was finally scheduled by their subcontractor for this morning - Thursday, 27 August 2020. Installers pulled the fibre, installed the Fibre...
  18. D

    Fibre In Pietermaritzburg

    Hi So on my street and a few others I've notice they started marking off and trenching. I asked the guy working what it was for and he said it's for Fibre. Yay!!!! But he seems to contracted by some other company to do the trenching because he doesn't know for which company they putting the...
  19. A

    Frogfoot in Glencairn

    We recently moved to Glencairn and I ordered a Frogfoot Fibre line through Afrihost. The Frogfoot installer did the installation from the box on the street into the house on the 12th of June. But there is a problem. Even though the trenching has been done, Frogfoot has yet to install the actual...
  20. OUPiet_za

    Lephalale (Ellisras) Fiber

    We have fiber coming to Onverwacht. "Herotel has opted to construct a fiber network that is strung mostly along poles in the mid-block between homes, which is the preferred...