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Aug 8, 2005
actually I don't have an iphone but will get one once my contract allows me.

I have a touch and the internet experience is great.

I have a 10 mbit connection at home and will soon get synchronous 50 mbit.

Let me see, I can purchase music online on itms and actually purchase 100% of my mp3's
No mattter what you tell me no nokia, sony or whatever comes close.

I get round to doing a lot of my internet surfing shortly before sleeping in bed. That means I read tons of rss feeds on google reader. Watch stuff on you tube.

I can watch movies and actually have a lot of dvd's in h264 format. Recently on a flight to south africa I could let my daughter watch all her kiddies favorites.
I also have a connect for the ipod to my television.

shall I mention games?

Email client?


don't forget the koi pond app.

imagine adding a phone to this.

Maybe go preach to the choirboys on the N95 forums, maybe they'll be more sympathetic to your situation.

iPod, iPod touch and iPhone displays and video codec support suck. I bought my first Mp3 player (Creative Nomad 64MB) in 1999. I bought my first iPod in 2003 (3rd Gen). I bought my Creative Zen Vision -640by480 res screen,
Xvid, DivX, Mp4, Mpeg2, WMV support back in 2005. I bought my Cowon A3 this year - H264 support (including MP which iPods can't do), Xvid, DivX, MJPEG, MPeg2, WMV support all in an 800 by 480 screen!

For me Apple just doesn't do justice for video. The iPhone would be great if
it had a great display - something like 800 by 480 (don't even have to do Sharp's 854 by 480) but lousy 320 by 480 is baaaad and the pathetic codec
support is terrible. This is my main reason why I don't buy an iPhone or an iPod Touch or classic. A pity because once you get used to a high res screen
lower res just sucks.


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Nov 8, 2006
the thing is a cowon is a brick five times the size.

no wireless, no touch screen and a crappy joystick instead

does it even have a flash drive?

it's a ugly but I suppose the broad format support has something going for it.

I still prefer apple design rather than a brick that has a vlc player for your pocket.


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Nov 27, 2005
Can the moderators please close this stupid ignorant discussion (goodness have we not been through this 10000000 times?) There are threads for this in the contract/cell phone section! PeterCH you need a life dude...5500+ posts just on this Forum..eish..can I sponsor you a night out?


Aug 20, 2007
Can the moderators please close this stupid ignorant discussion (goodness have we not been through this 10000000 times?) There are threads for this in the contract/cell phone section! PeterCH you need a life dude...5500+ posts just on this Forum..eish..can I sponsor you a night out?


Perhaps the mods need to look at a ban for you rather than closing this thread. You seem to be mocking and disliking the exact things that keep this forum alive. You seem to be opposed to threads and people posting!

Maybe if you were slightly more active, which is what any forum owner would want, you could then throw your weight around!


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May 16, 2008
lol, more on this topic though.

IMO when the iPhone was launched it was meant to be the smart phone for people, like me, who didn't use a smart phone or have any need for one. It was supposed to bring smart phone functionality to the masses. I really believe that it has, BI (before iPhone) all I required of my mobile was that it could make calls and send text messages. I never listened to music, watched videos, browsed the internet, email... non of that! With the iPhone and it's simplicity things are very different now. All these things are as simple as sending an sms. Im sure this possible on all smart phones, and I'm sure that many are far more powerful than the iPhone, but most of us don't need that.. if you need a more powerful phone then buy something else, the iPhone is clearly not aimed at you.. simple.

IMO the iPhone has achieved it's goal 100%. Well done Apple.


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Sep 2, 2008
why don't you rather just explain how your surfing experience is so much better than mine on my N95.'s easy to solve this little riddle actually (no long-winded subjective explanation needed)... to get the best objective view that the iPhone internet browsing experience is better, just look at iPhone usage statistics compared to others:

"iPhone usage 50 times more than other handsets... "
"iPhone data usage tops all other PDA based cell phones."
"iPhone - Catalyst for the Mobile Internet?"
"IPhones Take Over the Internet"
"Survey shows high internet usage among iPhone owners"
"The iPhone is more widely used to listen to music, check email and browse the web than other smartphones, according to new research."

* The average page views per visit for the iPhone were 73% higher than other mobiles and 30% higher than desktop browsers.
* iPhone browsing seemed to be proportionally greater in the morning, around 8am and did not exhibit as large an evening peak, between 9pm and 10pm, than the average mobile user.
* iPhone users were found to be almost twenty times more likely to use desktop versions of web search engines than the average mobile user who is predominantly using the mobile version.

"As a point of comparison, devices running every version of Windows mobile operating system combined made up 0.06% of Web page views. Companies have been making mobile devices that run Windows since 1996, according to Computer World, and three million of the devices were shipped in the first quarter of 2007 alone, according to research company Gartner. Here’s some more perspective: There are approximately 1.25 billion Internet users worldwide. IPhone owners are the first people with a mobile phone to view Web pages at the same rate at people using a PC."

So if it's about 50 times more than other cellphones, is it safe to say that the browsing experience is about 50x better?
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