1. Jan

    Apple blocked Telegram update until "Telemojis" were removed

    Apple held up a Telegram update over emojis Telegram's latest update went live on iOS on Friday, 12 August 2022, after the company's CEO, Pavel Durov, claimed that Apple was preventing its release "without explanation". Durov has now revealed that Apple had held up the update as it wanted a...
  2. Jan

    Apple testing more ads in its iOS apps

    iOS users could see more ads in Apple apps Apple iPhone and iPad users might soon see more ads in the apps pre-installed on their device, according to a report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The Cupertino-based tech company has been testing search ads in maps that could provide recommendations...
  3. Hanno Labuschagne

    iOS 16 beta brings back iPhone battery percentage on home screen

    iOS 16 beta brings back iPhone battery percentage on home screen The latest developer beta of Apple's upcoming software update for the iPhone — iOS 16 — brings the battery percentage indicator back to the home screen. While the fifth update of the beta boasts several new features, the return...
  4. Jan

    WhatsApp brings Android to iOS migration out of beta

    WhatsApp launches Android to iOS migration WhatsApp users on Android can now migrate their data to iPhone, the mobile instant messaging platform has announced. This comes after Mark Zuckerberg announced on 14 June that the feature would soon be available to more devices.
  5. Jan

    Leaks suggest iPhone 14 Pro launch price will be higher than iPhone 13 Pro

    Leak reveals bad news for iPhone 14 Pro price The next generation of flagship Apple iPhones could be more expensive than their predecessors. According to tech leaker @TheGalox, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will launch at prices of $1,099 and $1,199 in the US, respectively.
  6. Jan

    "Annoying" Samsung copied iPhone - Apple exec

    Apple exec says "annoying" Samsung copied iPhone design Samsung "ripped off" Apple's technology and used it to create a "poor" copy of the iPhone. That is according to comments from Apple senior vice president for worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, in a newly-released Wall Street Journal...
  7. Rual dV

    iOS 16 lets users report spam SMS directly to cellular carriers

    iOS 16 will send SMS spam reports to cellular carriers Hitting "Report Junk" on a spam SMS sent to an iPhone currently sends the information solely to Apple, but in iOS 16, users that flag such messages will also send the number and content to their cellular carrier. Previously, users had to...
  8. Jan

    Mark Zuckerberg announces WhatsApp Android-to-iOS data migration

    WhatsApp gets major smartphone switch feature Meta-owned WhatsApp is adding the ability to transfer chat data from Android to iOS, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. WhatsApp data that can be transferred will include chat history, photos, videos, and voice messages, and Zuckerberg said...
  9. Jan

    WhatsApp testing cloud backup export - possibly for cross-platform migration

    Big WhatsApp backup feature coming WhatsApp is developing a backup export feature that could make it easier to switch smartphones while keeping your chat history, WABetaInfo reports. According to the report, a new "Export backup" button will be available in the Chat backup section of...
  10. Jan

    iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 won't get iOS 16

    These old iPhones won't get iOS 16 Original iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7 owners will not be able to get Apple's upcoming iOS 16 software update. Apple announced the new version of its smartphone operating system during the opening keynote of its Worldwide Developer Conference 2022 on...
  11. Jan

    Apple officially announces iOS 16

    Apple unveils iOS 16 — New lock screen, notifications, and Message features Apple officially revealed its next major smartphone software update for the iPhone — iOS 16 — during the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference 2022. Apple vice president for software engineering Craig...
  12. Jan

    Nedbank Avo becomes Apple Premium Reseller

    Nedbank's Avo becomes official Apple reseller — launches iPhone and MacBook deals Nedbank has announced that its ecommerce super app Avo was appointed an Apple Authorised Reseller. The online store now offers consumers and businesses the full range of Apple products, including iPhones, iPads...
  13. Rual dV

    Hackers get Linux to boot on iPad Air 2

    Old iPads could soon run Linux Owners of old iPads and iPhones could soon be able to run Linux on these devices, Ars Technica reports. The publication spotted a recent Twitter post by software developer Konrad Dybcio and Linux enthusiast quaack723. The pair managed to get Linux kernel version...
  14. Jan

    YouTube lets TV app connect to smartphone as second screen

    YouTube's TV app lets you use your phone as a second screen YouTube has introduced a new feature that will allow users to use their Android phone or iPhone as a second screen for the service's TV app, according to a statement from the company. This makes it easier to interact with the video...
  15. Jan

    Apple issues update for iPhone and Mac that fixes 80 security flaws

    Big iPhone and Mac update fixes 80 security flaws Apple has rolled out major security updates to its iOS and MacOS operating systems for iPhones and Macs. The iOS 15.5, iPadOS 15.5 and MacOS 12.4 updates were released on Monday, 16 May 2022, and come with a handful of new features and bug fixes.
  16. Hanno Labuschagne

    Apple kills the iPod

    Apple kills the iPod Apple Inc.’s iPod, a groundbreaking device that upended the music and electronics industries more than two decades ago, is no more. The company announced Tuesday that it would discontinue the iPod Touch, the last remnant of a product line that first went on sale in October...
  17. Jan

    Top 11 suburbs by iPhone users in South Africa

    Suburbs in South Africa with the most iPhone users New research by MyBroadband Insights revealed that Bryanston, Sandton/Morningside, and Claremont are the neighbourhoods with the highest number of iPhone users. For this research, MyBroadband Insights processed 366,000 speed test results...
  18. Jan

    Best-selling smartphones on MTN and Cell C

    Best-selling smartphones in South Africa Android devices dominate smartphone sales in South Africa, and the best-selling devices vary between post-paid and pre-paid customers, according to Cell C and MTN. MTN told MyBroadband that Android devices make up 94% of the smartphones on its network...
  19. Jan

    Google soft-launches iOS Switch-to-Android app

    Google quietly launches Switch to Android app on iOS Google has released an iOS app that helps you wirelessly transfer data from an iPhone to an Android device. On the App Store, the app’s description indicates that you can securely transfer photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events to...
  20. Hanno Labuschagne

    Tim Cook doubles down — third-party iPhone apps are bad for your privacy

    Tim Cook doubles down — third-party iPhone apps are bad for your privacy Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said that proposed app store regulations in the U.S. and European Union would put iPhone users’ privacy at risk. “If we are forced to let unvetted apps onto iPhones, the...