1. B

    ios14 Bluetooth fix

    Has anyone found a fix for the delayed navigation via Bluetooth on google maps and apple maps? It was working very well before the ios14 update and apple Feedback is stating that they have not received similar complaints. When using navigation via Bluetooth instead of hearing "in 100 meters...
  2. G

    Missing FUSB port on motherboard

    I've just built my first PC, and have recently purchased the TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth PCIe Adapter. I have an ASUS ROG STRIX H370-F Motherboard, and the Archer is connected to PCIe. The issue here is that for the Bluetooth connection on the...
  3. S

    In Ear Headphones - Under R1200.00-

    I am looking to get a new pair of in ear headphones: Requirements as follows: Can be wired but must have good quality sound If bluetooth must have more than 10hours playback time? I looked at the Beats Flex by Dr Dre but have no clue if they play low res sound. Some advice will be good please...
  4. Tektonic

    MPOW 059 Wireless Headphones - Amazon US Bestseller

    Got these as a gift, but don't really need them as I have a pair of earphones which do the job. I've been told they're extremely good quality for the price, and the 20,000+ reviews on Amazon US (see link below) give weight to that claim. They come with a carry bag, are foldable, can be plugged...
  5. S

    Bluetooth music fades and skips in car

    Please redirect this post if it is in the wrong forum. I have a 2016 Chevy Spark 1.2ls and a LG K4 smart phone. Music on the phone plays on the radio via Bluetooth. Problem is that the sound fades every now and then. Almost as if a phone call is being received and the music volume is reduced. I...
  6. Hackson

    Sale/Trade Volkano Mini Bazooka series portable speaker

    For Sale/Trade Item name (be very descriptive): Volkano mini portable Bluetooth speaker Age and condition: 5 Days (Still in box) Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No (Doubt it) Reason for selling: Got this for free with a cellphone upgrade from MTN Price: R200/USB cellphone fast charger...
  7. GipsyD

    Nissan 370z Local Aftermarket Navigation Unit Options?

    As the title suggests, the Nissan 370z Navigation Unit is widely regarded as being abysmal at best, and many people have resorted to fitting aftermarket solutions. That raises the question for me, what local aftermarket solutions are there for the Z? Are there any solutions available for the Z...
  8. J

    Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

    #1 Item: Mini bluetooth keyboard Age and condition: Very good condition Do you include packaging: None Warranty: No Reason for selling: Cleaning house Price: 100 Negotiable: No Location: Sunninghill Shipping or collection: Shipping at own cost. Prefer collection. Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with...
  9. M

    Smart lock can be hacked 'in seconds'

    Smart lock can be hacked 'in seconds'
  10. NeonNinja

    Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker

    Item name: Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker! Age and condition: About 5 months, looks immaculate Do you include packaging: No. Warranty: No. Reason for selling: Unneeded. Price: R2299. Negotiable: No. Location: Brakpan/Eastgate. Shipping or collection: Collection or shipping. Ship...
  11. TheSaladBhenchod

    Price of Bluetooth earphones on Takealot

    Hi people! This is my first post so excuse any mistakes/issues. Anyway, after browsing Takealot for a pair of bluetooth earphones, I noticed that some unknown brands have earphones which are particularly expensive. So I looked them up on Amazon only to find that the Takealot price is up to...
  12. C

    Looking at buying Bluetooth speaker system, any proposals?

    Hi there, I'm looking at buying a Bluetooth speaker system for home, got my eye on Harman Kardon Go+Play wireless speakers. Any advise on this system or any other system that you can propose?
  13. J

    Samsung Smart TV Bluetooth

    I have a Samsung Series 6 smart TV. The problem I am experiencing is that I cannot pair another brand Bluetooth headphone to my device. I have read up on this and tried the Secret Menu steps below, Enter Secret Menu ( Pressing Info, Menu, Mute, Power) Enter options - MRT Option (Turn BT...
  14. Tim_vb

    Bluetooth Music Adapter for Audi/VW/Mercedes [S]

    WMA3000A:Compatible with Audi, Mercedes and VW with the original multimedia port for iPod options: ● Audi – Audi Music Interface (AMI) ● Mercedes – Media Interface ● VW – Media-In Multimedia Port (MDI) Age and condition: Perfect in box Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes -...
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Bluetooth 5 is here – faster speeds and longer range

    Bluetooth 5 is here – faster speeds and longer range The adoption of the latest Bluetooth specification sets the stage for transformative wireless connectivity.
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    Making your home safer using Bluetooth technology

    Making your home safer using Bluetooth technology With BlueLock you can control access to your property, open and close garages, control lights, and set or disarm alarm systems using your smartphone.
  17. Kevin Lancaster

    Bluetooth to get longer range and higher speeds

    Bluetooth to get longer range and higher speeds Bluetooth Technology will gain a longer range, faster speeds, and mesh networking in 2016.
  18. Leo_

    OBD II Connector

    Hi, Does anyone here know where I can buy a proper OBDII connector and reader for my car. I want to be able to connect it up to my smartphone. I had my eye on this - Seems to be a great product 4.5 stars from 4000 reviews. However it does not ship to SA Any...
  19. N

    LG NB5540 soundbar issues

    Anyone else experiencing issues when playing music via bluetooth to the LG NB5540 soundbar or playing a video on the TV and sound via "LG Sound Sync"? I recently got the NB5540 soundbar and the sound keeps skipping every now and then (especially when my phone is not directly next to the...
  20. R

    Bluetooth headphones for Samsung smart TV?

    Anyone know if the UA50HU7000 can use Bluetooth headphones? The sales person at DionWired says no, but I have read otherwise. If so, then will the Polaroid ones on special at Game be any good (R290) ? PS: I am using IR ones at the moment and there is a lot of static.