1. P

    Bluetooth handsfree kit

    Can anyone recommend a decent bluetooth handsfree kit for a car. There is this on Daddy's Deals this week...
  2. T

    iPad Bluetooth audio

    So I tried to pair my iPad with my car's radio (the standard VW Vivo radio) and, while there was no problem pairing it, the music doesn't sound very good. It's loud enough, but the sound is echo-y, like listening to it in a tunnel. I'm on iOS 5.0.1, and when I pair my Nokia 5800, the sound is...
  3. Z

    Bluetooth Headphone

    Need some advice on a good, quality pair of headphones (over the head). Also if you have one what is the sound quality like? any lag etc I want to use them with my eee pad transformer as well as my mobile phone, and my PC.It MUST be Bluetooth, NO RF or infrared stuff. These jaybirds seem nice...
  4. Zenbaas

    Decent Bluetooth Headset

    Can anyone recommend a good-ish bluetooth headset for around R500...?
  5. The_Hobbit

    Polar wearlink bluetooth heart rate monitor + strap

    My Polar bluetooth heart rate monitor arrived today :) Got it at Took two weeks for shipping. I have to admit, endomondo is way better than nokia sports tracker, and it works cross platform. Adding the polar bluetooth strap is awesome. Just tested it and it works really...
  6. D

    Only able to access Cell C website (data services not enabled)

    hello guys I need some help - i successfully installed the speed stick but the problem is I can only get into the cell c website. here i can go to any page on cell c so i dont think its some sort of cache - but it times out on all other pages. Any ideas please thanks Mod note: If you have...
  7. S

    CellC Connection Issues with IRC Server

    Hi All, for the second time as my connection lost the last post I made :mad:. Issue: * Connectivity problems with IRC Server (client or browser) - Disconnects, high lag (25+ seconds) and timeouts. Note: This does not apply to browsing websites, only when connecting to an IRC Server (even...
  8. R

    Anyone know where to find these locally?
  9. C

    Multiplayer Mobile Games?

    Know of any multiplayer games played via bluetooth? Any genre. I just downloaded Global Race, car racing game and want other games as well.
  10. NeonNinja

    Nokia E & N Series BluetootH Modem???

    "No modem found". Just bought a dongle hoped to connect to the Internet, only to get that message. Tried everything within my intellect, from manually installing different modems (I'm on Windows 7 pro). I use a Nokia E71, my brother has an E63, which gives the same result. How do I troubleshoot...
  11. D

    Voice over Bluetooth

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to 'chat' over bluetooth with your phone. Thing is, my friends and I want to take kind of a roadtrip on our bikes, and would like to be able to talk to each other. I have a sone ericssons w890i, my friend also has some earlier model almost the same as mine...
  12. B

    iPhone 3G

    Had a look at the iPhone today and am quite thankful that I am not going to pay a load of money for this one. Sure, it's beautiful and all, but for those of you who are still undecided, here are my reasons for NOT getting one: 1. No Bluetooth data transfer. Probably the most stupid thing they...
  13. S

    Share cellphone's Internet with PDA

    Does anyone know how to share a cellphone's Internet connection (be it GPRS, 3G, etc) with a PDA via Bluetooth?
  14. Praeses

    bluetooth GPS for my E51?

    How much are they and where can I buy one? I'm guessing the official nokia one would be a tad expensive? Any other brands?