MultiChoice launches DStv Internet with MTN

@Jan do we know if MultiChoice have negotiated an SLA or will they be treated like any other data at the tower?
Well, at least their "25GB" package is "25GB + 25GB night time". Not 10+15 or something like that...
When I read the headline I assumed it would be something like Openview Connect. Meanwhile it's this nonsense.
This is like buying meat at the cornershop when there is big butcheries all over the town. Don't think it will last, but who am I to say.
Expect numerous calls from call centers, trying to sell this deals.
Lol the headline made me think, maybe they are finally offering a new streaming only service that would mean we could pay less to ditch the decoders.
This seems like a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Entering the ISP market at this point in time? A sinking company grabbing at thin air.

I like it.
Is this their plan for folks who watch the other services on the Ultra decoder? I thought fibre was the play.