My never ending nightmare with Telkom

Antonia Seynisch

New Member
Dec 3, 2016

Please see my Telkom nightmare statistics for November and December below:

01. - 09.11.: Intermittent breaking off and very slow internet connection but the landline is working fine
10.-19.11: No internet and no landline available
20.-23.11.: Internet is working fine, but no landline available
24.11.: No internet and no landline available
24.11. Message from the technician, that the fault number 257CNZ211016 has been restored. This was a fault with the reference number from the 21st of October, but contrary to the SMS the line was not fixed. A call to their service centre had the result, that they will not close the above reference number.
25.11.: No internet and n landline available.
25.11.: I got a new reference number (461CNZ25116), because they closed the case with the above number from October against the promise not do it.
26.11.: No internet and landline available
26.11. SMS from the technician, that the fault number 461CNZ251116 has been restored. A technician made again a false statement and closed my case within 1 day after creating a new reference number!
26.11. A new reference number has been created (127CNZ261116).
27.-30.11: No internet and no landline available.
01.12. A technician came and told me, that my port at the exchange is faulty. He wanted to move me to another port. But nevertheless STILL NO LANDLINE AND INTERNET AVAILABLE!
02.12. The technician did not came back to me and MY LINE IS STILL DEAD!
03.12. No internet and no landline available.

The trouble began on the 16th of September and cost me a lots of time and a huge amount of money. I had similiar issues the whole Octtober.
Fault number 234CNK011016, 159CNK131016, 257CNZ211016, case number 569360510, ref. number 1223093, fault number 257CNZ11016, 461CNZ251116, 127CNZ261116.

I feel helpless in the meantime. Called on daily basis several times their Service Line, I am posting regulary on Telkoms Facebook page, have sent emails to the National Customer Care, posted on Hello Peter and tried to talk to a supervisor. The first time they hang up the phone, the second time I got the information, that the manager will call me back. I am still waiting ... and waiting ... and ...

Can someone give me and advise?

Thank you in advance!