internet access

  1. S

    International internet traffic down on Telkom?

    Since about 6:15 this morning, I have been unable to connect to any Google services (YT, Gmail etc). Thought it might be my internet, but obviously not, as I am here. Ping requests to Google all time out. Able to access sites (mybb, telkom, takealot are some I checked), but not having any...
  2. oros

    Absa wifi and other Hotspots

    Anyone tried using absa wifi Hotspot lately? No matter what you use it for, but is slow! So slow that it isn't usable at all! Not sure why. Other Hotspots is obviously better.
  3. PrimeSteak

    Help with picking Fibre ISP

    Hey guys, so here in my town of Oudtshoorn pre-orders for FTTH just opened but the problem is I don't know what ISP to go with? The main thing that I'm looking for in an ISP that offers relatively low ping ( under 180 is fine) and packet loss for online gaming and just generally good quality...
  4. S

    Best options for mobile internet access - Lonehill/Fourways

    I hope I am posting this is in the right place! :) I have just moved into a complex in Lonehill/Beverly area - Sunset Avenue. There are no ADSL/Fibre lines in the complex. What would my best options be in terms of getting internet at home? I would like to get uncapped (mostly for...
  5. P

    Trouble using USB tethering in Windows 8.1 attempting to use an LG G4

    Ok long story short is that I have recently had to move in at my 97 year old gran, so no net. Decide that my phone should work as a mobile 3g/4g modem. Having endless troubles with USB tethering on windows 8.1, trying to use my Logitech G4 as a 3g/4g modem, but nothing I try seems to work...
  6. K

    None of my 3G USB modems will allow me to access the internet...

    Hi All, I'm a bit perplexed here:wtf:. I have 2 USB dongles(CellC ZTE MF667 and 8ta Huawei E173). Both of them connect fine and both show a "connected" status. The problem is that when either modem is connected I have no internet access. Nothing... What on Earth could be the issue? Any help...
  7. A

    My never ending nightmare with Telkom

    Please see my Telkom nightmare statistics for November and December below: 01. - 09.11.: Intermittent breaking off and very slow internet connection but the landline is working fine 10.-19.11: No internet and no landline available 20.-23.11.: Internet is working fine, but no landline...
  8. N

    injustice of the university of limpopo Guys please tell everyone about this disgrace this university has disempowerd its students for too long.
  9. QuintonB

    Monthly Income stats for SA Internet users

    Monthly income of SA’s Internet users revealed The latest Effective Measure statistics reveal the average monthly salary of South Africa’s Internet users
  10. F

    Vodacom R206 Mifi Router/modem - using with other network

    Hi, Has anyone successfully used a R206 mifi router/modem from Vodacom with another network? I want to get a CELLC simcard and try and get it to work... but maybe someone can tell me if they have tried it before? Thanks
  11. jes

    South Africa Internet access stats

    South Africa’s Internet access stats revealed Statistics South Africa’s general household survey reveals where South Africa sits when it comes to Internet access
  12. jes

    Facebook Global Internet access project

    Facebook project wants Internet access for all Facebook has enlisted Samsung, Qualcomm, and four other companies for a project aimed at bringing Internet access to people around the world
  13. Compton_effect

    Proxy issues on my Galaxy S3

    Strange one - as of this morning - my browser stopped working on my Galaxy. Both Dolphin and the included browser gave the same proxy settings error. So I phoned customer care. A very helpfull young lady there handled my call and had me manually set up a new connection. Interesting thing is -...
  14. 1

    Data coverage in Cape St Francis

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if there is any reliable, fast internet coverage in Cape st Fracis at the moment? Apart from ADSL of course. Any provider will do. Thanks.
  15. C

    VodacomGS / Gated Services in Century City (Bougain Villas, Villa Italia etc.)

    Many complexes in Century City such as Bougain Villas and Villa Italia (and other parts of the country) have Internet provided by Gated Services (formerly by Vodacom GS). I would like to know if anyone on these forums can give me an idea of the level of performance and reliability I can...
  16. C

    iPhone 4 on MTN

    I've recently moved to an iPhone 4, but I am unable to get the phone to connect to the internet via 3G. Via wi-fi, I have no problem browsing, but the moment that I am dependent on the MTN 3G network, I get an error message saying that "Safari could not open the page because the server stopped...
  17. U

    Share my USB 3G stick internet over my wireless router

    Hi I have a 3G stick from Cell C and a wireless router (which is connected to my desktop) which i bought to share my internet connection to my laptop/PS3 etc. All devices connect to the router perfectly but cannot get internet connectivity, my laptop say limited connectivity and the PS3 says DNS...
  18. jes

    Mobile phone is the most popular means of internet access in SA

    Mobile phone is the most popular means of internet access in SA A survey conducted by Opera reveals that South African Opera Mini users use phones rather than PCs to access the Internet
  19. akescpt

    No Internet in department

    this is a weird problem. i have no internet on my HTC Dream while in the department @ work. another guy with a HERO has no service as well. this started on tuesday. has anobody got any idea how this is happening? oh by the way, other MTN devices have internet access! only HTC android devices...
  20. J

    Telkom to Cybersmart Migration

    Hey, I have applied to migrate from telkom to cybersmart (adsl circuit) and they say they got the order number from telkom but that was on the 19th of Feb and it's still not done, please any suggestions or reasons Thanks