1. J

    Joining 3 telkom lines

    Good evening MyBb, I have spent most of the evening looking for solutions to my problem. Problem: I have 3 landline numbers with telkom. They are all at different locations and, mostly, I am only present at 1 location. I would like to link the other 2 telkom numbers to the number that I am at...
  2. P

    Panasonic PABX & accesories

    1 x Panasonic TES824 Hybrid PABX 2 x Panasonic Digital switchboard handsets 1 x ITS Vocal jr. Auto attendant Asking R4,800 onco

    My Telkom Landline

    My Question that needs answering is : How do I block (like, what ussd string do I dial for free from my Telkom landline phone) certain people's phone numbers (their landline & cellphone numbers) so that they cannot call my Telkom landline number (& on any phone that's hooked up to my telkom...
  4. J

    How to cancel Telkom lines or services

    I have recently been involved in assisting clients with cancelling their Telkom services. As recent articles ahve highlighted Telkom is swamped with cancellation requests As of Jun 2018 Cancellations are now initiated on line or through 10210 10210 cancellation tries hard to push the...
  5. LeeeoyM

    My Landline

    I would like to get your opinion on the matter of these wires are telephone wires or something else Any Help Or Opinion is appreciated
  6. D

    31 Days WITHOUT a Telkom WiFi Or Landline on a BUSINESS ACCOUNT (My Story)

    31 Days WITHOUT Telkom WiFi Or a Landline connection on a BUSINESS ACCOUNT (My Story) Hey, I would like to complain about TELKOM'S atrocious CUSTOMER SERVICE! The internet (ADSL line) & Landline went off on Mothers Day (14 of May 2017). Today, its been exactly 31 days off - no Internet or...
  7. B

    How to make a phone call using fiber connection?

    Hi guys I still have a Telkom line, but want to get rid of it and switch to fiber. My wife sometimes uses the Telkom line to phone her mom. Is there a way to make a phone call (to landline or cell phone) using fiber? Perhaps some app or other VOIP service that can use the internet connection...
  8. M

    How can I get an active Telkom landline rental for DSL as an international student?

    Hello MyBB, Background: I am an international student at Rhodes University and have recently moved into one of the houses being let in Grahamstown. I want to sign up with Afrihost's 20 Mbps uncapped bundled VDSL package but they require an active Telkom landline whose line is in the OpenServe...
  9. A

    My never ending nightmare with Telkom

    Please see my Telkom nightmare statistics for November and December below: 01. - 09.11.: Intermittent breaking off and very slow internet connection but the landline is working fine 10.-19.11: No internet and no landline available 20.-23.11.: Internet is working fine, but no landline...
  10. JOEY_8

    How long does Telkom take to repair street cables

    Hi guys. I recently ordered a Voice line from Telkom in hopes of using ADSL at a later stage. The date for installation passed so after about 10 calls to Telkom, they tell me a cable is broken. Spoke to TelkomZA and they say that this cable leading from the exchange to the street cabnet...
  11. J

    Get rid of Telkom and port my land line to a good VOIP provider over Fibre

    Morning everyone, Who is the go to provider to move my land line to now that I have Fibre. I want to kick this Telkom habit completely out the door. Not paying them for internet or ADSL now, just the line rental left to loose. JP
  12. H

    Telkom installation: schedule date?

    I'm moving into a new place on 1 December. I want to get Telkom ADSL up and running as quickly as possible - on the 1st or 2nd if at all possible. However, until the 30th of November, different tenants are living there, so I don't want Telkom to show up before Dec. If I order ADSL+landline...
  13. V

    Landline not working?! Could ADSL switch over be the cause?

    Hi Guys, I am probably asking a really stupid question, so please just keep it in mind that i am technologically challenged! So i have a Telkom landline, normal line, not ADSL. I made contact with my hosting provider and saw that they have awesome uncapped offerings. So i ordered an upcapped...
  14. G

    Internet Disconnects whenever someone dials or answers the Landline

    Hi Lately I've been having a problem where my internet will go down just by pressing the dial button on the landline, or answering it. Its becoming very frustrating as I either wait 5 minutes or reboot the router Please Help
  15. T

    Porting of land lines to Telkom Mobile

    I have just moved my landline (032) number to a sim card via Telkom Mobile. I would like to know if I can port a 032 number to another network?
  16. D

    Can a Telkom landline number be ported within a dialing code?

    I had a Telkom landline (Bellville number 021 948 xxxx) which I then ported to Neotel. That worked great and my Neotel line has worked well except for some dropped calls. We've now moved and there are signal issues with the Neotel line (poor coverage) and I've had a Telkom line installed (in...
  17. M

    FAX ring pattern

    On a Telkom landline, what is the default ring pattern for a FAX? Single rings, double rings, triple rings? And can it be changed? Just out of interest. Thanks for any knowledge shared.
  18. R

    Telkom Charge for a Call at what stage?

    At what stage of a Telkom land-line call is it considered successful and charged for? I have always presumed that you were charged once the other party picked up and you were 'connected' but recently I've been informed that the 'Skype' method of charging as soon as the other party is dialled...
  19. phly

    Confused Newbie

    Firstly, hello to you all. This is my first post on the forum and from what i have read all you guys seem knowledgable in vast areas of telecommunications and IT industry. I have a long list of questions however the one i have at the moment is the most pressing one. I am helping a friend...
  20. D

    Gadgets - Telkom Phone required with the following features.

    My Wife is going crazy with the number of spam calls on our Telkom line, so I'd appreciate any advice regarding locally-available gadgets or phones that have the following features: Copied from a SlashDot forum post: Microsoft released a 900MHz cordless phone back in late 1998 that had all the...