New DStv Extra package launched

If only it had SS1 so I could watch rugby on that package.
I wouldn't even pay that for their premium package...
Just another attempt to get more money out of our pockets without giving us rugby.

Look how subtle they moved Kyknet away form the Family/Select package. Then series ...
Sport is their ticket to a ton of premium subs - why would they give us sport on a lower package without any competition on the market! Screw em, I'm doing just fine streaming my sport off the web!
Well we now know that SS1 is probably worth about R300pm to them...
I'm not really a sports fan, if they include fox crime and the new mnet series bundle of channels, this is actually quite attractive. Will definitely ditch TopTV then, however I want to see what Startimes has in store for TopTV too.
Woohoo, at last a package with the GOOD family entertainment channels. I'm not a sports fan. Going to swap over ASAP.
DSTV mobile has a MUCH better offering, but small screens and intermittent signal is not my thing
Told wifey about this. We cancelled in Dec 2012. Said it could be an option if her and kids want.
She says no. DSTV can't compete with her Netflix (big documentary fan).

This from the wife :thumbup:
At least they added the History channel. Sport? Not my thing.

When last did you watch History Channel?

they should still come up the one package that we all want.... pay per channel and allow customer to choose the channels they want.
It may very well be more expensive per channel, but imo having 52 or 80 or 500 channels of which you only whatch maybe 10 channels or so is completely useless. I dont care about all the k@k channels that just get in the way between channel surfing, and certainly dont want to subsidize them