[Personal Experiences] Hisense TV's


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Jun 10, 2014
Remember back in the day when I had a docking station for my iphone 3G connected to TV to watch videos. At the time thought it was the dogs danglies, at least it had a remote. Having an HDMI cable connected to a TV to watch a movie off a device sounds outright archaic in this day and age.
Preach .....


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Nov 28, 2019
Getting back to my previous post. Still trying to decide between the Samsung 55" q60r and the Hisense 55" Q8600.
Has anyone been in the same boat and what do you recon is the best buy. Only reason why I'm still looking at the Samsung is due to my limited knowledge on the Hisense brand.


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Jun 6, 2011
Hi Guys and Gals, i recently purchased a 55B8000UW from @AllIncluded and I must say i received amazing service from the start and received an awesome price as well, he even went out of his way to help me arrange an after hours delivery as i would only have been home after 6PM as my daily commute would not have let me be able to safely transport it. Big thumbs up and i can definitely recommend them.

AND WOW what a TV. Had some initial teething issues but it was more of an I.d.10.T error than a hardware issue as i wanted my PC to go display at 4K resolution but it really did not want to play along, i swapped cables and tried all the ports and eventually i just went back to 1080p for my pc and all the issues stopped, i've also not had a minutes trouble with the smart tv part of it, but have mainly only used Netflix and some of the free content. I upgraded my account to try and get 4K but my Telkom LTE has not been that great of late and i could never go above 1080p. (on wifi)

Its also cool that you can just cast from your phone without an extra APP.after getting MiUI11 my Xiaomi S2 picked it up right away and casting is a breeze.