Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain

Flippen weak....

It was working fine for a month and then suddenly this from yesterday...
It has since them be working for a few hours at a time and then revert to the above speed for another few hours and then the cycle repeats itself...
Sigh, what can I say, I am supposedly surrounded by 10 x rain towers within a 3km radius according to the rain map, the speed and stability exceeded my expectations during the first month, but it has been like this for 2 days and the help / advice I received from the PM was unexpectedly slow and unhelpful, utter disappointments...
Rain 101 4G, Parys, Free State


Rain is kak.

Mind you I'm paying the same as 5G and my signal is full strength, the service is absolutely broken here.
The Rain 4G in Lindequesdrift North West is 1.9 MB/Second. tested with a Huawei B525 Router with

RSRP -75 dBm
RSRQ -7 dBm
RSSI -55 dBm
SINR 25 dBm
Aren't you also next to Parys, probably using this piece of sh*t dogwater tower too, would you not be better off using Starlink over there? There's no chance it's worse than this overpriced garbage.
MyBroadband Web-Based Speed Test (for Rain fixed LTE-A)

Please post your results here. It makes it easier for us to quickly check for network issues.
Rain 5G

Ping: 20ms
Download: 93.57Mbps
Upload: 87.28Mbps

RSRP -69 dB
RSRQ -10 dB
SINR 10 dB

External modem on an 8 m mast because I am outside the Rain coverage area. These are surprising results but they are confirmed by my subjective experience. The service is a pleasure to use.
Well, speeds dropping on RAIN 5G

Screenshot_20231215_084733_MyBroadband Speed Test.jpg

Used to get 400 - 600 Mbps - fiber coming soon. If this carries on, moving to fiber is starting to look very attractive.
Yup during peak times. Speed has been decreasing quite a bit.

Even on a public holiday, this early in morning, is not near "peak" time.

They done with the fiber trenching, put their conduit in, and sealed trenching. So expect early in new year, they will start putting fiber into conduit, and not long after go live.

Will soon have an good alternative to RAIN, which we did not have before.

With current family usage, around 200Mbps is enough to keep every one happy, 300Mbps will give enough headroom, if Windows, games, etc. update. Anything above is bonus.

Playing Guild Wars 2, and was getting input lag, which was what prompted me to do a speed test.