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Well-Known Member
May 27, 2009
I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. It was DOA a few months into ownership (6-9 months) - The screen was cracked 2 to 3 months in (what a pathetic phone) but the phone was working for at least another 3 to 6 months. I took it back to MTN after the DOA (I know there was nothing they could do about the screen) and they wouldn't swap it out or honour the warranty. Beyond economical repair was the reason cited. I finished up my contract and will never have a contract with them ever again. I am currently on pay as you go with afrihost APN. the only reason I'm still on MTN is because of Afrihost, until I find the time to do some research and find a similar cost alternative on Vodacom. But never again with the worst network in SA - MTN.


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Aug 20, 2005
I'm on MTN via Afrihost. The data price is awesome, but the network is terrible, both at home (Verwoerdpark, Alberton) and at work (Rivonia). I never get more than two bars, and I can't keep a call for more than a minute without it being dropped.

I have a dual SIM phone so I can have a work and private number. The second SIM is Cell C, and it gives me crystal clear call quality, and my calls almost never drop.

If I complain to MTN, they want me to fill in a form giving my mother's maiden name, blood type, ID number, the usual crap. I don't want to fill in a damn form, you corporate dinosaurs; just drive through Verwoerdpark and try to make a friggin' call! :p
Feb 17, 2016
I have rated good, although in the past couple years the sales agents get a 5/5 to close any upgrade or new account HOWEVER, when you need them for assistance on anything other than closing a sale I score a flippen 0.0000001/5, there is no help whatsoever with Mtn corporate. I was sent a upgrade which was supposed to include a sim for Mtn R55 flexi which comes with the p20 and p9lite 2017 edition. and they did not send the sim in the box. I have called like 3 times and have been told its been escalated.. yawn.. still waiting
Took me almost 2 weeks to get mine


Expert Member
Aug 12, 2008
MTN contracts are prized better that Vodacom,but in terms of coverage and call rates prizing Vodacom is always a step ahead
Jan 25, 2018
MTN are thieves, they steal your airtime! Their network is as bad as vodauseless and they are just as expensive! I rate a network according to coverage where I live and Telkom is the only network that is reliable here. Also Telkom has much better benefits than any of the other networks. On pre-paid you get free airtime equal to the amount of airtime you purchase and it is valid for 7 days and can be used to make calls to any networks. MTN sometimes gives free airtime but it has to be used on the same day, like Vodacom, and can only be used MTN to MTN BUT they first use the airtime you paid for and when that is used up you cannot even use the free airtime! That's how they dupe the people. Also Telkom disconnects your internet connection when your data is finished and gives you the option of buying more data or using OOB rates, which are a lot cheaper than the other networks.


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Sep 15, 2009
Been an MTN customer since the early days when cellphones were launched in SA and are happy with them overall.


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Sep 26, 2008
So I've phoned the 135 number, I've emailed MTN, I've been to my local MTN dealer twice, I've been patient for 3 months, and STILL MTN are overcharging me R200 for a R199 contract deal I took out. It's only double what I should be paying hey! That's how to treat a customer, just ignore him! Hey MTN, CATCH A WAKE UP!! This is just a simple upgrade, not rocket science.
And don't forget to refund all the money YOU STOLE from, me - yes, it's theft.


New Member
Jul 6, 2017
I use exactly the same product from Afrihost and have only been 100% satisfied. Afrihost support is excellent - just post a written query or use their whatsapp help line. I mainly use my phone around Joburg. I know MTN had best outlying district coverage back in the day but seems as good as anyone in the bigger towns these days. MTN useless - don't even bother calling. Good luck!


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Aug 7, 2018
Can't give them a good nor bad rating, was with them for 10 or so years with not that many issues, there was a few major ones though. Good coverage in Cape Town, however I switched to Vodacom for the contract pricing and LTE pricing, was about to leave Vodacom to come back to MTN, but Vodacom retaliated with a good deal, but they keep on disappointing so I might come back to MTN in 2 years time.