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Well-Known Member
Jun 14, 2005
applied end November for FTTB. strung along by the sales agent. End January no FTTB. Cant rate your speed but your sales and support were terrible. it my recommendation was based on my adsl experience - i had very few issues with my adsl service and if there were issues support dealt with it speedily.
Mar 28, 2015
Been with vox for about 4 months now and it used to be perfect, no downtime or problems until about 2 weeks ago when my ping would skyrocket during peak times only. Tried two different ISP accounts during this time on my openserve fibre line( ISPafrika and Afrihost) and my ping was 100% fine, but as soon as I switch back to vox I'd have 150-200ms ping vs the 5ms I'm used to. I've tried getting it resolved with traceroutes etc with vox but everytime it is only resolved for one evening and the next day it's back to 200ping. Very disappointed in them continuously blaming openserve and avoiding fixing the problem when I did tests on my other accounts showing that the problem is on their side, would not recommend them anymore.
Feb 2, 2017
Excellent, but i do recall under correction my original contract promised no increases and ther was an increase that Vox reneged on. And I had to pay a bit more when I got fibre, but probably worth it if you consider the 24/7 support by phone, especially with my dear wife's (non-geek) issues with wi-fi connections on her desktop. But Vox, what's your profit from all this, and what about giving us all a rebate due to the excellent rating that we are giving you, that can only boost sales and attract millions of new users and people dumping their lower-ranked current ISPs? RSVP . . .


Well-Known Member
Nov 24, 2011
Happy with Vox. Got one of their Fat Pipe specials several years ago. Also love the data rollover. Will be switching do Vox Fibre as soon as Fibre is active in our area. Supposedly end of March.
Feb 3, 2016
I have been with them for around 7 months, smallest package 10mb line. It suits our needs. On a plus side everything went smooth from time of sign up to installation.
Of concern, and I did not read the fine print, price increase after 6 months- really.
There modem cannot be accessed by me to see if anyone has hacked us.

We had an outage recently, and they were the only ISP to send via email and sms that there would be an outage due to maintenance.


Senior Member
Nov 5, 2008
Been with them for a couple years, on both ADSL and Fibre. Reliable, consistent, well priced, and useful support hours.

Have had some hiccups but they were resolved without any issues. Definitely my favorite ISP.

Dan C

Honorary Master
Nov 21, 2005
Fatpipe data is probably the cheapest you can find if taking the rollover into consideration. Latency to overseas servers is damn good.
Jan 29, 2013
Currently on a Vox Uncapped Fatpipe FTTH 50mbps:

Price (Vuma): Was the second best when I applied, but I think some other ISP are a bit cheaper now.
Average true local speed: 50mbps (9 out of 10 times)
local latency: 2ms
VOD (Netflix, Showmax, DSTVNow & Youtube): Plays 1080p60 smoothly with approximately 2 seconds buffering time at the start. Normal 1080p hardly notice any buffer. Watching via VPN requires more buffering but otherwise plays smoothly once it starts (VPN dependant).
P2P/Usenet: Maxes out line on a well seeded file/good server.
Google drive, Dropbox etc. all at full speed.
Can't report on how it performs with online gaming, but Fortnite played quite well imo.

I get a sense from customer support that they do want to help, but I think response time was much better in the past. Overall very satisfied.

I think this is what most people are interested in.


New Member
Oct 18, 2018
Using satellite. Very expensive.
Technical support is 5 star.
Uptime - I cannot remember the last time I experienced down time with them however I am using an low wattage transmitting device so the speed is terrible.
The sales team has not come back to me with alternatives after multiple inquiries.
IP phone quality is bad.
They need to back up their product offering with the right price and sales team.


Honorary Master
Apr 18, 2004
Was on the old fat pipe special while I still used adsl. Never had an issue with Vox, Telkom's best effort left a lot to be desire though.

Currently on 100/10 fiber and generally speaking the experience is great, never have issues with capacity or latency.

The big problem I have experienced though is that between Vox and Vumatel they can't tell their arse from their elbow when something does go wrong.

It took them over two weeks to figure out what was actually wrong with my connection when it did go down and get someone to fix it.


Well-Known Member
Sep 19, 2006
I have had a 200 Gig. Rollover Fat Pipe with them for over 3 years now. Excellent service and no major problems. Hope to keep them for Fibre.


Expert Member
Feb 25, 2012
I use them for Fibre over Vumatel, and their home VOIP offering, no complaints, just wish they had a client zone sort of portal like Afrihost

Their prices are decent from what I've encountered