Rain PUK number

Hi Tyty@2020 ,

I have provided the information on DM/PM to you, please respond to those messages if it doesn't resolve your issue.

Good day rain I blocked my rain sim card and now it requires a puk number can you please help I've been trying to get through to you guys but still no response.

I received my Rain Sim Card on 30 July and only started using it on 31 July 2020. I was unaware that i would be debited on the 1st August 2020. Now the debit has not gone through and my connection has been deactivated. How can i pay this R8. There is no option on my dashboard to pay now. How do i get assistance with this?
My rain sim card is PUK blocked - i can't find information anywhere, and their website is the worst , i logged a ticket and have been waiting for 240hrs and they never responded. Please assist as their still billing my account.
please spam me @ home.com
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Help! I need a PUK number for my rain Sim. Tried Support, emails, DM but with no luck from Rain!
Do a search on MyBB and you will find numerous threads with the same question. The solution is easy to find.
My rain sim card is blocked and I have a PUK number, how and where I put this PUK number? Cause Rain call center is closed. Can anyone assist please
Stick sim in a phone and put the PUK that way.

If it's a 5g sim, your out of luck.
Need to wait for the call centre to open.