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Devices Compatibility, Coverage and Speed Tests
Smartphones/Tablets to use with Cell-C UMTS/HSPA+
Modems to use with Cell-C UMTS/HSPA+
Routers to use with Cell-C UMTS/HSPA+
Better Whooooosh with an external antenna
Coverage Queries
Apple Mac Support
Cell C Speed Test Results
CellC - ZTE Modems Now Available
Cell-C UMTS 2100

Frequently Asked Questions
Message Centre Number (SMSC) - +27841000000
Giga 200 Questions - Availability, can it be loaded on an existing SIM, etc.
In what order are data bundles consumed?
How to port to Cell-C - FAQ
Setting up Android / Red Bull Mobile
FAQ: Cell C Data Promotion [PLEASE READ FIRST]
Coverage Queries - Ask about your area here
Query: To Cell_C rep Add 24 gig bundle to 60 gig bundle
How do I load Smartdata Bundles? (solved)
3GB Smartdata Voucher (Valid for 365 days) - Can presently only be bought as a printed voucher in-store (NO USSD).
Porting to a promotional data SIM? [solved]
When exactly does the cap reset?
Score free gigs with the Cell C data promotion
Cell-C Dual SIM / Data SIM / Multi SIM? - Share data bundles between SIM cards
Gaming with Cell C 3G: The Verdict
Inbound Connections / Unrestricted APN
How long will the current data promotion still be available?
Connection switching between 3G, HSDPA and HSPA+
USB Modem Power Issues / USB Extensions
Only able to access Cell C website (data services not enabled)
Cell-C Self-Service Portal - Check your account balance online (prepaid & contract)
Tower Locations and Improving Signal Strength
How to check signal strength (RSSI)
Stuck on EDGE, unable to switch to 3G (E1820 / E1752?)
Cell-C E1820/E1752 Dashboard Software "WCDMA only"
MyTools Discussion - Manage voicemail and call filtering online
Cell-C E1820 External Antenna Connector - Why don't I see an improvement in signal strength?
Why does the location from my IP address not match my actual location?
Cell-C Roaming on Vodacom EDGE
iPad on Cell C data bundle balance check
How to use a Cell-C SIM with VMB 10.1
Cell C IP Ranges
TCP connections stalling / Gmail, Gtalk & WhatsApp issues - Why are my messages being delayed?
Cell-C MF190 and new dashboard problem - 'No network' in Connector software
iPhone/iPad & Cell-C MicroSIM
USSD code *101 query on Cell-C - Why is reply sometimes by USSD and sometimes by SMS?
How to revert to the old Cell-C connect software
Vodacom 3G roaming
CellC routes to IS hosted akamai CDN servers via London - My traffic went via London and all I got was this lousy t-shirt
How to opt out from Cell C BigBucks - SMS 'STOP' to 14700

Problems with Cell C
Potential fix to full signal zero data problem (Samsung GalaxyS4) - Possible problem with HSPA?
Different speeds on different-SIMs
Are the Cell-C websites still zero rated? - Warning: currently not!
SSH sessions vs CellC
Connected but no throughput
Constant Disconnects
HSPA+ Speeds in Gauteng Region - Known Issue (From Cell C)
Slow upload speeds in Cape Town
Network Issues Stellenbosch
Vodacom roaming issues
Overcharged on OOB data
Balance Checking on Giga 20 / Giga 200 - Separate anytime and night time balances not shown
Cell-C & Steam

Fix in place - Monitoring
Still connected but only able to access Cell C website
Unable to visit certain websites (depending on whether you are assigned a 41.x or 197.x IP address)

Data bundles not available 2011/02/07
Cell-C E1820/E1752 Dashboard Software "WCDMA only"
Motorola Defy from Red Bull Mobile doesn't have RBM portal Fix here: Setting up Android RBM
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