Smartphone data usage in SA revealed


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Mar 24, 2010
HTC Desire (Android)

600Megs (3G)
3Gigs+ per month (Wifi)

I use to need a lot more was on 1200Megs bundle from Vodacom but ever since both my home and my work got uncapped internet and wifi I used a lot less, now I hardly ever touch 3G , and next months usage will probably be even lower , somwhere close to 300 megs hopefully :)

PS The fact that Im 90% of the time at a wifi hotspot, is probably the only reason I wont go with a Blackberry, that coupled with the fact that there handsets costs 3x as much and feature last years technology doesnt help.
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Mar 22, 2007
My 3G is turned OFF 99% of the time, because data is too expensive. Why are they raping us with these high data charges?!


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Nov 17, 2010
I'm not convinced Vodacom (and other network operators) are coping with the increase of smartphone users. I've always had fast reliable BlackBerry 3G coverage at my home but have only had EDGE & GPRS coverage the last 2 months. I love my BlackBerry but push email and unlimited browsing means nothing if it doesn't work!!


Oct 15, 2010
2gb..Thank You Cell C
Im on Vodacom (110mb @ just under R100) but Im so tempted to switch to cellc (250mb @ R100)

Damn Broadband prices in SA are bloody ridiculous!!! SP's are milking smartphone us users!! :mad:

Come on VODACOM, stop ripping us off!


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May 6, 2010
This is nonsense. The reason for the usage is because nobody dares go over their cap.

I was downloading quite a bit when I got my smartphone (my first one ever) in January this year. I quickly realised that I was using about 100MB a day (yes I can [but I would rather not if I still want to eat and live]). The stuff that I was downloading was worth my while (to say the least) but I had to curb my enthusiasm because I would have had to sacrifice my son's lunch money (and mine too) to keep my habit up .

I am not a download junkie (perhaps by MTN, Vodacom or Cell C [maybe not Cell C's] CEO's standards). So, now I only buy the 75MB bundle for R49 (which has now lasted me quite a bit. Any further need for data I will try and stretch each 10MB bundle as far as possible until the 16th. I'm still on 70MB so I don't see my self needing more.

I would go bankrupt if I actually did what I wanted to do.

I lament my decision to stay on MTN.

P.S. I can connect my PS3 to the Internet via my cell which has very good speed, but I dare not play a game on it because it would be too expensive. I cannot even update my software (1GB needed) for obvious reasons.


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May 23, 2007
as if the smartphones were not built to specifcally to have access 24/7 wherever you are


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Oct 31, 2007
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Because unlike other trolls I actually add a little bit of truth to everything I post. It's never just blatant trolling just for the sake of trolling.