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  1. Nobody Important

    Huawei E5573 - data usage, and optimum settings for Rain

    Do these mifi devices use a lot of data in the background "on standby"? Two weeks ago I set it up with a RAIN SIM and was satisfied with it, to be used as a backup. I even connected to it from my laptop and was surprised when I saw on the RAIN dashboard that I had only used a couple of Rands...
  2. B

    Need advice - Average data usage

    What is the average data usage for a household - with one working adult and 2 young adults / university students? So we are looking here at - emails, gaming, streaming music, watching youtube videos. Occasionally, we will watch a movie - but the internet is so slow, that we The other day I...
  3. B

    What data costs

    I see in the MTN July 2018 catalogue in the Terms and Conditions they say "All data sessions are charged at a minimum of R0.03 excluding vat. What is a data session? Does this mean that you will be charged a minimum of R0.03 for every Whatsapp message sent or received if you are on any...
  4. M

    Home Cloud Solutions - Data Usage

    Well, this is a frustrating one. Ever since I signed up with Home Cloud (almost 2 years ago) they've never offered a straightforward solution to verify how much data I have used and I have remaining for the month. They've been saying "we're working on it", and they've given me unreliable methods...
  5. T

    Is there anyway to check DAILY usage for Telkom LTE data?

    Good day, I've been trying to figure out how to view DAILY usage for Telkom LTE data. I can see the current data left, but would like to be able to view how much data has been used on certain days. If anyone knows how to do this, or if it is even possible, that would be amazing.
  6. A

    Telkom call centre agent advised incorrectly

    Help needed on what to do with Telkom Billing Went into Telkom Monday 4 September to open up a new contract, everything went well and I got the P10 lite I was then informed that Telkom had a promotion running and I received 10gigs of Data to use till November Few days in I check my...
  7. K


    For various reasons I've been slack and not taken up Telkom LTE-A R 799.00 24 month contract. As fibre is still not available in my town I'm looking at buying my own router and going for the sim only month to month option. As I have become more disillusioned with DSTV with every passing month I...
  8. P

    MTN Fibre data usage problem

    I have 20mbs Fibre from MTN cappped at 100GB. For three months now I run out of cap after about a week or ten days. MTN tell me they cannot help since they do not yet have the capability to get a URL report. They can only get a usage report which shows the data usage by time. There is also...
  9. S

    My november data usage Bill is unreal!!!!

    I have a business modem and it is now the second time my bill has reached over 3000. This doesnt make any sense because when i reach 2 gigs of usage, i cant use it anymore. I even recorded how much data i used this month and it was around 1.9 gigs. How is this possible?! I have seen other people...
  10. L

    Cloned SIM?

    I received 2 SMS' between 19:00 and 20:00 that my data bundle is running low, all good no problem ... Until I realize I have not had my mobile data on since the day before yesterday, the 7th. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 LTE. I get 600MB of data each month, 600 SMS' and 240 free...
  11. Sneed

    Fifa14 - PS3 - DATA...

    How much data does the PS3 use when playing Fifa online? I dont have internet at home and is undecided between a fixed line connection and mobile data. Which will be best for purely online gaming? Any suggestions welcome :)
  12. S

    Data Usage Tracking

    Hi all I have a mobile data package with Afrihost which i use in my flat with my flat mates, problem is, we all share the internet and when we get capped, we all argue about who used all the cap. I can check how much data was used per day via AH clientzone but i'm wondering if there is...
  13. H

    Telkom 60GB+60GB data incorrectly taken off daily bundle and not midnight bundle?

    This month (Feb 2014) I purchased a 60GB +60GB from Telkom, hoping that for the next year I could live on 5GB per month on day usage. The first night I waited until after 12 midnight to do some heavy Internet browsing. The following morning I checked and ALL my data usage was deducted from my...
  14. A

    Cell C Billing problem

    Good day - I used to have a contract with Cell C, Blackberry with unlimited Data and free BIS. It recently changed to "fair usage" limit of 2gb per month. On 2 January 2013 I changed to a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with the following contract: Postpaid Straight Up 100 with 200MB Smartdata...
  15. R

    Telkom Mobile/8ta Data Leakage - HUAWEI E5331

    Hi Guys, I've got a Telkom Mobile account setup at my girlfriends place on a HUAWEI E5331 router. There are serious leakage issues or whatever you call it. I can have one laptop open, freshly rebooted with no programs open, and I can log into the router and just see the data ticking...
  16. P

    Vodacom Data Usage Monitor for Mac OS X

    I have built a useful app for myself that I'd like to share: It is a status bar app for OS X that monitors your mobile broadband usage (i.e. that of a 3G USB modem) on the Vodacom network (quite niche, I'd say, because it satisfies a very specific requirement). Many internet users are on...
  17. J

    Skype on Afrihost MiFi

    Hi there, Can anyone help me out with the following? 1) How well does Skype video/voice calling work on Afrihost Mifi? 2) How data does video calling eat vs. how much data does just voice calling eat? Thanks!!
  18. D

    Router - Data Usage per IP / MAC / Device

    Hi, I have a 3G USB modem (K3770, vodacom) connected to a TP-Link 3G MR3420 Router and I have iPhone's, iPad's and Laptops wireless connected to the router. Is there a why to see the data usage per device per month (or time) and is there a why to set data limits per device per month. So that...
  19. F

    Vodacom - Pathetic Service, No Help, RIPPED OFF!!

    2 months ago I upgraded my contract. In order to do so I had to pay in an amount of R1700 approx. This was paid in. 1 week later the payment was not allocated. As I desperately needed the new phone, I paid again with the promise the payment would be allocated "when it was found" and my account...
  20. J

    Onavo Count makes its way to iOS

    Track your data-hogging iOS apps Onavo Count offers a detail look into which apps are sapping your mobile data