Telkom won't run a cable into our office??


Nov 20, 2012
So we have refurbished a shop in a retail park, completely gutted the interior and rebuilt. I asked telkom to do a VDSL line install there and when the tech arrives he is looking at the walls for a point and I'm like... "everything here is new there is no point"

So the tech tells me that we have to get an 'electrician' to run a cable from the telkom box... i assume on the street, and he can only 'activate' the line.

Am i crazy to think that this can't be right and surely telkom is responsible to install this cable?

There is no fibre yet in the area and I'm extremely skeptical of using a wireless connection, i've been burnt before with microwave links, fixed wireless. Considering the Rain network from Afrihost since they have a reasonably good deal, but seeing as Rain is basically iBurst rebranded i'm really worried that the speeds will be extremely volatile!
The providers always just blame speed problems on coverage... I had an aerial installed on iBurst that made no difference. I'm convinced that it isn't coverage, but contention ratios that are the issue, they oversell their network and don't upgrade the hardware simple as that!

Any suggestions!?:confused:


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Aug 4, 2005
No it is your or the property owners job to provide indoor reticulation.
Telkom can do it but at an additional cost.