The Banting/LCHF Thread

Jan 8, 2010
I cant quite remember, but I think i twas like 300 - 400 rand. The ketone test are very expensive. they are lik3 R35 per strip. So ten strips are as much as the bloody machine. !

So this morning I was up to 70.1kg after eating massive sirloin on the bone from the butcher shop in mouille point. So delicious! I felt so full that I couldnt finish the steak last night and I also still felt so full this morning and still even now that I probably only going to eat tomorrow again! Holy cow!. I weighed in now after a coffee and about 500ml of water, i was 70.5kg. Makes sense. Food and water weight.

I like Dr. Fung videos, I will try and get that book! Sounds very informative!