What's for supper - Second Course


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Dec 30, 2010
We will definitely be going there more often.

Think the biggest reason we haven't tried them until now is because they aren't exactly kid friendly. Not that they are against kids at all. Quite the opposite actually. Waiters and manager all very friendly and helpful with the little brats.
And our little ones are only now at a stage where they can sit still for longer periods. (Not that it was the case at all last night) They were running around on Alfie's Pizza deck and patch of grass.
We simply don't like inconveniencing other diners because our kids are bored.

And of course we were very happy with the food quality. Fresh and flavourful and the portions are reasonable.
Service extremely friendly too with manager helping out my wife with some tried and trusted Gin flavours.
Yes.. I'm with you on that point.. we took my 2 young nephews along as well, but luckily they were not too upset about the lack of a play area and sat quietly and played on our cellphones for a while.

The owners are very hands on and have lots of experience in the restaurant industry. Danae (the wife) is very strict on service and makes sure that the servers are trained very well.. she was previously a front house manager at Pangea in Brooklyn. (my old weekly haunt).


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Nov 5, 2007

Not doing a lot of cooking at the moment since I'm on my own here and kitchen isn't great. But I made this last night.


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Jan 22, 2005
Yeah a weakness off mine, fish fingers grilled in a garlic butter herb concoction with pasta salad. The simple things in life...


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Jul 6, 2010
That is a very interesting looking braai. Is it super small or are those patties just massive?


Oh, it's on top of a table, I thought it was a stoep. Weird perspective.