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    Afri-Host really messed my day up!

    Okay so I just logged onto my Mac, my iMail popped up saying my email accounts passwords were incorrect (funny because they were working like two hours ago) and so then I naturally went to cpanel to check what was up. Cpanel didn't even work, So I went to my website which was also down. Okay...
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    Hey Guys, My Dr just put me on Oratane (Generic of roaccutane). My skin has had its ups and downs but in the past month it has gotten to the worst point ever. :erm: I have no idea why, but I took a trip to the Doc and she put me on 3 months of this stuff. A few of my friends have been on...
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    Journalism Advice?

    Well I'm very close to stepping into University for my first year of Journalism, and from all the people I've told I've gotten a mixed bag of replies, like: 1) "everyones doing Journalism these days". 2) "Aren't you going to take the maths/science route". 3) "You're going to have a tough...
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    Are You Actually Excited For the Blackberry 10 Range? - One last Round.

    I remember rushing home in December of 2009 to unwrap my hottest new piece of tech, the Blackberry Curve 8520. Being very happy with it I couldn't stop with the BBMing (What little friends had it then), Brick Breaker, surfing the web surprisingly fast with Edge and collecting tons of colorful...
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    Moroccan Gold - Argan Serum

    So the other day I picked up some Moroccan Gold, it is commonly known for uses in hair to make it silkier, but the pure version can be used for skin, hair even cooking! My Mother, sister and I suffer from horrible eczema and by putting this on every night before bed for 3 days so far it...
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    Lana Del Rey

    Hey Everyone, I know this may not be your type of singer, but my new addiction seems to be Lana Del Rey, her music style is very melancholy which relates to me most times lol. Her two albums that are out are: My favorite tracks from both albums have to be: 1)Ride 2)American 3)National...
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    Matric Parties and Blackberry

    So I just came back from my matric holiday and I am super depressed that I am Back home :( Now that I am thinking about it Blackberry really knows how to throw a party That was last nights Party at Tiger Tiger (Durban) and man was it rocking! some mentionable names were: Mi-Casa...
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    Cupcake Recipe

    Vanilla Cupcakes (serves 12) Wonderfully sweet and buttery, vanilla cupcakes are easy to make and particularly luscious with lemon icing on top. Follow this easy recipe to achieve perfect cupcakes every time, and freeze leftovers ready for those unexpected guests popping in for a cup of...
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    Journalists reporting NOT up to scratch these days...

    The more I read newspapers, the more I want to cry. :eek: I feel these days that some stories are really not well thought out or planned in newspapers. Is there a lack of content? especially the Beeld (not that I am an avid afrikaans reader, but on occasions I read it) their stories are just...
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    I'm at that point with BIS

    If I had to type out my full rant, MyBB's servers would crash so I'm going to give you the summarized version: I LOVE BLACKBERRY, But... Tried: Vodacom Bis (worst of them all!), Cell C BIS (medium, still not good enough) and Now MTN (I though I had found the light but now its lost again)...
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    Does Medical Aid cover body reshaping surgery after quite a big weight loss?

    Hey Guys. I have so far lost around 47KG and experiencing a lot of excess skin so far, naturally when i get to my goal weight (hopefully in this year) I would like to get rid of it, and of course before I go to the 'scalpel' I would like to go through this naturally. But at the moment my...
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    Need URGENT Help Please! with a Vodafone Smart-Tab 10 !

    Hey all so i got this tab free from vodacom and im not sure how it happened but it won't fully work :( when I turn it on on shows "Android" and then shows the Vodafone logo over and over... How do I fix this? getting VERY frustrated! :mad:
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    SABC 3 Gives away Survivor Spoilers in Ad! *Spoiler*

    :mad: Thanks a lot SABC 3 their new Survivor advert shows contestant "Brett Clouser" in the Jury already that means we already know who is going to be voted out in the new episode! - They suck I mean come on!
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    Diet Pills to help weightloss?

    Hey Everyone :) I lost more weight before I started my thyroid medication, I am not really moving and I have been on my medication for 2.5 months exactly, how long will it take before i start losing again? I retested my Thyroid two weeks ago and the level was normal, I am carrying on with my...
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    Thyroid + Diet Irritation!

    I lost more weight before i started my thyroid medication, now im not really moving and I have been on my medication for 2 months exactly, how long will it take before i start losing again? I retested my Thyroid two weeks ago and the level was normal, I am carrying on with my meds too. I have...